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    Past blunders remain a blot for ever

    Over the passage of time we do realize that the past blunders committed by us either with intentionally or through some others interventions the fact remains that the blot cannot be removed nor forgotten. The admission of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that his grand Mother Indira Gandhi has committed a big blunder by imposing the emergency then was big blunder is the great admission by the Congress which proved that by repenting for the same the party cannot get back into old glory and that is the take here.
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    It shows that Rahul Gandhi has no double standard to judge what is right and what is wrong. If he thinks that decision of emergency imposed by his grandmother Late Indra Gandhi was wrong and the author agreed with him then the same Rahul has criticised demoetisation, gst etc issues I think that the author should be agree with him on these issues too?
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    The emergency was the over action by Indira Gandhi that time and everyone knows.
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    Any statement relating to emergency indicating its after effect would not help in the present situation. Even if there had been a gross mistake in its promulgation, such declarations would not lessen the present crisis felt by the public. Let the opponents be united and suggest some constructive means to the government so that their steps taken by the opposition produces significant results in the different fields such as education, health, easing food distribution systems etc. Any constructive criticism is always welcome and in that way, the role of the opposition could be fruitful. Repentance of the old events is not the solution.

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    Indeed emergency was the wrong decision of the late prime minister because she was facing a big threat from all corners to her government and she took that decision in haste to impose the emergency but it is also a fact she revoked the emergency too. When the elections were held she lost her government but later on she came back in power with same power . I think what happened in past is not a solution of any problem. She is no more with us , so her decision of emergency is the part of history now.

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    Past errors, mistakes, or blunders all help us in learning the things and we get experience from them for the future. So they may be a blot in the eyes of others, for the person they are great events for correcting oneself and erasing those bad marks from one's life. I wish all the people whether they are in political arena or some other atmosphere must be following this technique in their lives and naturally if people do not improve and go on doing same mistakes repeatedly then it is a disaster altogether and such persons will be forgotten by the historians as well as the public of that country.
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    It is good that Rahul Gandhi accepted and understood that imposing an emergency was a big mistake. He may not be able to go back and correct things but he has the strength to accept that his grandma did a mistake. My appreciation to him for that.
    Many of us commit mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. We have to pay the penalty whether we do it intentionally or by mistake. But if we recognise that mistake and if we restrain ourselves from committing similar mistake again and again that itself is very good on our part.
    Blunders committed by us will have their effect on us throughout our lives. This again depends on the severity of the mistakes we have committed.

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