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This thread has won a special prize in the topic based TOW contest for Feb '21.
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    No one should destroy or damage the public property

    Just by hearing the word property a feeling of well being comes in our mind. It evokes a wealthy sensation in our perceptions. People in society are generally valued as per the property they have. Before fixing a match of their children before marriage, many people consider the property of the other party an important parameter. So, definitely property or more precisely the assets is a measure of financial condition of an entity whether it is an individual or company or organisation or a government.

    Our properties whether in form of land, building, gold, or money are very much important to us. We value our property in whatever form it is and keep it safe and secure and even maintain it to last long wherever it is in tangible form. But what about government or public property? Do we value it in the same way as our personal property? Do we also care for it? Do we understand that in some indirect way it is our own property and if it is destroyed or damaged then only our money is lost because the government or public property is created from the direct or indirect taxes that we have been paying when we buy an item or when the financially well off people pay their income taxes or the profit making companies pay their corporate taxes. Actually it is our own money though it is not figuring in our bank accounts but figures in the details that government provides during the budget sessions and other such meetings.

    Why some people do not understand this basic fact that destroying or damaging the public property is not only a crime but it is like cutting ones own legs before a walk. We must understand and inculcate this feeling in everyone that public property is our property and we must check anyone trying to damage it. Let us contribute in the growth of our nation by not indulging in any such condemnable practices.

    This is my entry for the month end TOW contest on the topic property.
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    Surely this write up should grab the award as the author has chosen the right topic to hit her content with apt observations. We have been observing in the past and recent past that any big gathering would lead to face off with the law enforcing agencies and eventually venting ire on the public properties. The accountability is not there and therefore the hooligans are hired by the agitating parties to cause loss. But I would appreciate the Yogi govt of UP which initiated recovering losses from those who caused the damage to public property and such rules must be followed by other govt too. During Telangana agitation the protesters were targeting the public properties and there was no accountability from the then govt. At least from now the law and the court should take the cases automatically and call for damages.
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    Destroying property is madness.  It is unfortunate to see incidents of vandalism during violent protests staged in our country. These protesters should realise it that public property should not be damaged as this asset is established by governments with the help of direct or indirect  taxes collected from people. All these assets should not be damaged under any circumstances as well as should not be mishandled by caretakers .

    It is our responsibility to protect ,preserve and expand our assets. We should not curtail the size,quantity, quality of our assets.

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    There are some bad elements in the society and they do not understand that public property is our property. I would say that these people are totally misled by other such bad elements who want to create disorder in the country and then loot the materials from the shops or other places. They have hidden evil vested interests in these processes. As a law abiding and good citizen it is our duty to report any such sabotage to the authorities so that these culprits are kept behind the bars. Creating facilities is a big task for any Govt and destroying that is so easy. But why we should allow them to do that destruction? They should be dealt ruthlessly.
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    I also fully agree with the author that we should protect public property. We always complain when the government does not provide facilities to us, but when we misuse the facilities provided by the government or misuse the resources provided by the government, then the citizen within us becomes selfish. After all, what is public that we and you together make a pubic, then it is normal that it is also our property and it should be our responsibility, not only that we should protect it ourselves, even if some other person hurts it then also we should take a stand. With our rights, it is important to understand our duties.
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    Public property is more vulnerable. If the public is angry they will destroy the public property. This is the order of the day. Personally, nobody wants to lose their personal assets. But they never worry about public property.
    Any small agitation, the first victim is the RTC bus. Whose property is this? That is ours. The government purchased that bus from the money we paid to the government in the form of taxes. So indirectly we are damaging our property only. Nobody will think in that direction.
    In a town, there was a big agitation in a factory and the workers of that factory were provoked by a local leader and they went on strike. They have gone to an extent of killing the General Manager of the company. The public took this as a chance and took away the movable property of that company like Desktops, chairs etc and the finished goods also. Finally, the company was closed and all the workmen are on the roads. Who lost? The workers and the company is still closed only. So one should know that spoiling public property is a loss to us.

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