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    A healthy body is your most valuable property.

    We are born with one body in this world and this body is keeping us connected with everything, whether it is our relationship, our feelings, our nature, our means, etc. and that's why our body is our most valuable property which is given by our God, even after knowing this, why does a man become so careless about this valuable property, that is to fulfill his other desires, he forgets about this body's health.

    By the way, the temporary properties in a man's life vary with time and age. For a child who only knows how to play with different toys, all his toys are his property. When the same child grows up, he starts studying, his study material, his books, his computer, and mobile are considered as his property, which he takes special care of. After getting the job, their salary and the house or any other item purchased from that salary becomes his property.

    Man does all this to give happiness to himself and his family, and hence he considers it his property and moves ahead. But as long as you will not take care of your first property that God has given to you, that is your healthy body, then you will not be able to enjoy the other properties of your life, if you do not have a healthy body then The value of any other thing is no longer there.

    Setting your goals in life and apply your full efforts to achieve them and work for them is a duty and deed of every human being but we should not be careless for our health at any cost. We should take care of our diet, our nutrition, other activities like a wake up on time, well sleep, etc. Taking care of many such small things, we should always give importance to our most valuable property of life, 'our body', only then our life will be beautiful and enjoyable.

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    The writer has correctly mentioned that our body that is God's gift is our most valuable property of life which once affected will take time to recuperate but will not be the same. It is the fact of life that we never give importance to our body. We all run behind the other goals of life i.e. getting good marks, getting admission to a good college, eating what we like, going or visiting places that we love, working day & night to make ends meet or for a better future, having parties, etc but in all this, the one that gets most affect and at the same time most neglected is our so called 'body'. If we have a healthy body, we will be able to do everything that we long for or get what we want but if we do not take care of it, everything we have will just be in front of us but we may not be able to enjoy. It is very essential for everyone to give some time for themself and try to take care of their most precious gift called the 'body' to lead a happy, beautiful, and enjoyable life.
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    A healthy body is a gift of God. A healthy body doesn't mean that your physique is good looking or your muscles or cuts are impressive. A healthy body doesn't carry diseases which makes one's life hell. Health is wealth is applied to such a body which stops you from visiting doctors ' clinics and hospitals. You may see many people have good physique but they are inflicted with any disease. Their external body is impressive but internal body is weak and prone to any serious disease or vulnerable to deadly germs or sudden fatal jolt.
    Good health is previous property and valuable treasure for a healthy person. We should guard our treasure and property.

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    After reading this post which is surely connected to the tow topic, what has happened in Hyderabad some years ago want to share here. There was a well built rowdy sheeter in old city who was bothering the shop owners and pety shop vendors for hafta vasool and having vexed over him they complained to the police, but he managed the police and no cases were hoisted. Having seen this one person who was so lean and not so strong and healthy as compared to the rowdy sheeter, has bounced on him and beat him black and blue. Now what is proved here that healthy body alone does not make the life easy and of course it was a isolated case.
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    Health is wealth. This is told many times. We all seen the effect of the virus for a year. We could not go even out with a fear of getting infected with the virus. That has shown how important is our health to us. So there is no second thought about this and we should see that we will keep our health in good condition always. if you want to be happy you should take care of your health.
    You may be having good money, a house, family and all comforts. But if you have ill-health you can't be happy anytime. Everything appears to be a waste. So we should be very cautious and take all required precautions so that we will have good health. Our diet, our way of exercise and our sleeping habits will decide our health. So have a good diet, go walking always and try to have 7 hours of sleep every day. That will make you healthy. Good body health will give you a healthy mind also. So mentally also you will be healthy if you have physical health.

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    It is said that health is wealth. Many people understand it in the real terms and take care of their health. At the same time many of us do not care for it and then we lose it due to this neglect. Actually taking care of health is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires a lot of discipline, self control, and avoiding unnecessary indulgences. Who does not like to have delicious and spicy street food but it is bad for health. Who does not like late night parties but they are not good either. So, enjoying with friends and having outings and picnics is everyone's dream but is has its own cost.
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    It's absolutely right . Our health is wealth . We can earn and buy things as per our wish unless and until we are healthy and able to work to earn money to buy them.

    To keep our body fit we need to work on it. Balanced diet and physical work out is the only way to keep it fit. These days most of the people live in stress which is main reason people suffer from the diseases like blood pressure and sugar . So we all need to release this stress and should find out the reason how can we avoid stress to keep ourself healthy


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    Yes, health is our one of the great assets. A sound mind goes with a sound healthy body. All of us are more or less careful about our health. We assume God is living with our body, hence we should always be careful to keep the body fits. But when any disease entered in to body, then we can understand the value of the healthiness. If you are diseased, all surrounding become like an enemy. I do believe that if you are diseased, there is no value of other properties with you. And if you are actually healthy, you can acquired many properties in your life.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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