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    Will YSR allow BJP to dictate terms in his State?

    One hears that Chandrababu Naidu is very active in AP. He would not allow any day to pass without taking to some form of protest. We get minimum news but we do not know what is going on in the State.

    We also hear that YSR is having some sort of understanding with the BJP. Is this true? If it is true, he has to be really careful. The BJP will simply swallow him if he does something like that.

    What is the ground reality? Is corruption less now in AP? Is the pace of development better now? Members may please respond with an accurate picture of ground realities.

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    The author must know the fact that Jagan has parted ways with Congress when his father was dead and Sonia Gandhi refused to make him the CM by default. Thus got angered over, he started new party in the name of his father and after 3000 km of Padayatra with public connect he could able to wrest power from Chandra Babu Naidu who never thought of humilating defeat when TDP parted ways with BJP. And we know Jagan has so many cases running in the court and has the compulsion of support from BJP ruling at the center and having TDP parted ways from BJP , Jagan has to have good relations with BJP and support it as he cannot trust the Congress anymore. Therefore in politics others enemy is our friend policy is being followed and the same compulsion Jagan has with BJP and there is no secret about it.
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    No development in the State. Corruption and unruliness are at their peak in the state. Everywhere YSR people are trying to take advantage and they are not even sparing big leaders also. They are even beating the people and creating problems for the opposite party,
    BJP need not worry about YSR. They are not bothered about the YSR party. The Chief Minister has many corruption cases against him. He is worried and he wanted to be good with the party in the centre so that he will continue as CM without any problem from CBI.
    No special status or no special package. No development. No jo creation. The whole state is like a leaf thrown away after eating food in it. No leader is having any ethics. Naidu did his best but couldn't win the elections. The whole state is at a loss.

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