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    Gratitude, the vital missing link in our society

    Friends become foes overnight. A brother who would have enjoyed all the love and affection from his married sister when their own parents were alive, would turn to the opposite and not give even a bit of wealth. Instead, the poor lady and her husband would be spending money and time in some court or the other to find out a legal remedy.

    Such things are now seen happenning all over. With monotonous repetition, people do not have gratitude at all. We have a situation where it is very difficult to find someone who has gratitude towards us, after enjoying everything that we would have done for them at some point in time.

    Gratitude is something that is very precious. It starts with gratitude to God for having given us a good life and a property. In fact, those without debts are always happy and have gratitude to God and all others, as a way of life. Those with a spiritual bent of mind, are also philosophical. They always have gratitude and happiness for whatever they have or get from others, however small that may be.

    What can be done to put the clock back and enable a society where there are too many people with gratitude?
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    The author is very right. Many times people who got help from us will forget the help and when we approach them for any help they refuse bluntly. Many times it is happening these days. Some people repeatedly approach others for help. After helping him 9 times, if they fail to help him for the 10th time, the people forget the help they got 9 times and start blaming them for not helping them for the 10th time. It has become very common these days.
    When we received some help from somebody we should be grateful to them and we should express our gratitude. This should be the way. But these days we are seeing many people never keep these points in their mind. Reciprocation the help to others in the possible ways and means is the best possible way.

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    Good post from the author. Often we forget about those who has shown gratitude and given has the way of life to which we never thanked them nor remembered them for the reasons known to us. I am of the opinion that those who change our lives at any point of time from the childhood to the elder age, we must thank them all those who were instrumental in changing our lives. It may be mother, father, sister, brother , cousins, neighbors, friends, teacher, boss and the office co workers. All of them have touched and helped us at one point or the other and we need to say a word of thanks.
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    The author is right. This is the reality ad ugly face existing society. People have mentally chaged. They want to be benefited without showing any gratitude. If someone come forward to help he is taken for granted. And the person who is helped doesn't bother to pay his gratitude to him who scoured him in his bad days.
    I think if we believe in humanity and want to help needy people we should not expect kind of gratitude or kind words of thankfulness. As this is merely a way of formalities which don't have any importance. We should help others because it is our duty and we realise how we can serve humanity.
    The days have where a brother may kill another brother, even son and father may kill each other for the sake of property and wealth. We are not social reformers but we should try to bring reformation in our social system by our good deeds. Probably, we will not have any enemy and at the end of the day we will get a peaceful outcome by performing our duties as human beings.

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