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    At this rate, we will soon have to return to firewood for cooking

    With the increase in the price of cooking gas almost on a daily basis, it would soon become difficult for the common man to enjoy his cooking with the gas stove. Normally, for a family of four, preparing normal food without too many side dishes, we get the cylinder over in around 35 days' time and we need to replace it with another new one.

    We have seen make-up kinds of stoves using three bricks in which firewood is used as fuel in the olden days. At this rate, those who cannot bear this kind of an increase in the price of cooking gas for domestic purposes will resort to the village-style of cooking. Normally, there are a huge number of neem trees that grow even on barren land and if one chops a bit from such trees, no one objects to it. Perhaps even the upper middle class will go in search of such wood in the villages near cities and even metro cities!
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    Read someone chops in the aforesaid thread.

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    It is the fact that we are battered with fuel price rise to maximum and now cooking gas rates sky rocketing. The middle class getting battered as the salaries are same but the expenses are increasing every month, and post covid the salaries are not paid properly due to poor patronage of products and services and thus the salaried class are more feeling the pinch of rising prices. Once the fuel prices and cooking gas increases, the items related to these also increase there by making cascading effect rise in price. Just we have to face the brunt as the situation may improve in the international market to less the price.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. There is an increase in the fuel price and people are facing problem in purchasing these items. Fuels are costing more. Taxes are very high on this.
    The State governments and the central government is offering many frees to low-income people. Where they will get that money? They have to collect from us only. Fuel is one where they can get more money and they are getting it. No government is ready to stop giving frees to people as they are the vote gainers.
    The mindset of the people should change. The government should stop issuing free money, free items and gifts to people. Instead, they should show some ways and means to work and earn money. I have seen many villages of Andhra Pradesh where more than 50% of the houses are getting pensions. Wife and husband are getting Rs2500/- each as pension per month. They get rice at Rs. one rupee per kg. Wherefrom the money for these schemes come? One should work and get food but not free of cost. Up to 45 years unemployment pension and from 45 years old-age pension. Whole life there is a pension?

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    The rise of petrol and diesel prices is more due to the taxes by the Central Government and State Governments. Mainly the tax by the Central Government is high. Recently, RBI Governor suggested that the Central and State Governments should sit together and reduce the taxes on these two products. He warned that this is not good for the country and economy will suffer. When this Central Government will come to senses and reduce the excise duty?
    The GST collections are also good for the past five months. There is no point in taxing the people more and more and put them into trouble. The subsidies and freebies need to be carefully monitored. Many ineligible people are getting these benefits. The Governments are making people lazy and dependent on subsidies and freebies. The people should be made to work and earn than getting freebies.

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    Life is becoming harder for economically low class people.They are too weak to survive. Governments have to ponder over their basic problems. Now the basic question is if governments don't control price hike of petrol,diesel, gas cylinder and other commodities how these poor people will live.
    But the most important point is that for the sake of nationalism people will vote for BJP.

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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    I agree with the author. The price of LPG increases day by day and month by month due to global impacts and duties imposed by the government. The middle class remains under pressure during this kind of price change. The subsidy is also now stopped. Thus, it's a not good sign to see a price hike in LPG.
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    If the prices are raised and increased, there is also chance for decreasing the same and therefore we need not have apprehension of switching to fire wood cooking.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Fire wood is still costlier than LPG cylinder. I don't think if people will go back in past to use firewood instead of purchasing gas cylinder. I think that government will decrease its rate soon as price hike is creating problems for common people.
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    If the price of a gas cylinder goes up, we will not have to switch to the old way of cooking food with firewood.

    In a democratic country, why can't the opposition protest against this? Strong protests should be brought against this gas price hike. Is there a solution to all this if you burn wood and keep quiet at home?

    This election time is the best time to conduct a strike against a gas price increase.

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    I think Govt might go for some reduction on the taxes on these commodities to give relief indirectly in the prices of these commodities. Another option might be that people should club the vehicles and other means to reduce the consumption and if a large number of people start consuming less then that also might bring the prices under control. Whenever prices rise abnormally Govt interferes in that commodity market and this time also they have to do something in this area to bring down the prices. I am hopeful hat some solution would soon emerge.
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    The rise of LPG price has created havoc in the lives of the ladies using this fuel for their domestic consumptions. Initially it was not felt since the price pattern remained static for an appreciable time but later the frequency of its revision was taken up multiple times. At the present stage, its price has almost touched 900/- in Jharkhand making the same unusable for most of the consumers. The average life of this gas cylinder is hardly 35 days if used in a family of four. We need to resort to old methods for our cooking as was being done in the past by using woods.

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    I also agree the author is right. The way in which the prices of LPG and petrol are increasing day by day, this is directly affecting the public key pocket and the most impact is on the middle-class families. In this way, the increase in prices is not for the first time, but now it has been included in the processes of the government. This time has already weakened the people financially and thus with the increase in inflation, it seems that humans will also have to limit their needs.
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    I fully disagree with the author that we would use firewood at our homes. Even the firewood also costs high. Only the villagers still use firewood and save their gas. In the villages, though they have LPG, they use firewood for cooking. While the people living in the cities are making a good revenue, they need not worry about the LPG price hike.
    Let me ask the author. When in the past farmers used to plough the field wearing a piece of cloth, is now wearing half pant and T shirts. And they used ox pulled ploughs to till their land. Now they are using tractors. With the increase in textile prices, and increase in fuel prices, will they resort to go back to "Kovanam(A piece of clothe tied around the private part)" and the old method of tilling the land?

    I do not think that the hike in LPG price would affect the life of the people. Just a 2 percent increase is not a big issue.

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    It would be good and responsible act to raise a concern but creating a panic is not advisable. Do any of us feel that something like this even be possible? No, it is not going to be like that then why few behave in the manner that the world is going upside down.

    Why so much impatience for showing someone down?

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    Generally, Govt has a monitoring system inbuilt in it and if the prices of a particular commodity rises sharply then the Govt intervenes in some manner and keeps a check on it and brings it down. Govt has many ways to do that like decreasing the taxes or getting it at a lower rate from outside through global competitive tendering. Whatever way it is I hope that Govt will soon intervene and bring some relief in this area.
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    Nothing wrong in this. We dig pit for us by our own. We only discard all our old traditional methods and systems in the name of modernization and even criticizing or mocking the traditional systems as they meant only for village people. We criticize and mock the usage of fire wood cooking, grinding in stones, eating like ragi, millets but we almost all start using them. Similarly our elder's advise like washing hands before eating and after eating, washing legs when entering into the house from outside etc., have been mocked,ignored and set aside by youngster. Now all of us following the above as a result of covid. It is a whip beat to all of us.

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    # 724682, Sobha Wilson is absolutely correct. Thee opposition parties and the consumers have to strongly protest and ask the Government to reduce the prices. We need not suffer. I remember to have read somewhere on the net that when fuel prices were abnormally increased in Germany or some other country, all the vehicle owners brought their vehicles on to the road and left them there. The Government then took immediate action to reduce the prices.

    Our Minister for Petroleum today appealed to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to increase the output and supply the crude at a cheaper rate. Our Finance Minister says that this is a vexatious problem. She wants the Central Government and State Governments to sit together and reduce the taxes. Majority of the State Governments are under the control of BJP one way or other. What I mean is by winning or manipulation, the BJP is ruling most of the State Governments. Then if they really wish to reduce they can sit together and reduce, Only thing is will is lacking.
    Mr. Mahesh pointed out that the Government will have an inbuilt monitoring system to keep the consumer goods under check. What is preventing the Government to unleash that monitoring system to reduce the prices? Better they do it as early as possible.

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    Perhaps you are not affected by LPG price hike but the common people are being affected. If you are opulent of wealth and good earnings you will not be affected at all and many other people who are of your status they will also not be affected too. Most of the members in this thread have also expressed their concern about price hike.

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    One has to practically see the reality in life as to how the people are suffering with the fuel/gas price hike. The common man we are talking about never feel the pinch of price hike of other commodities or for other facilities or amenities that are required in our life.
    Still, the poor class is provided with Kerosine through public distribution system to those who do not use LPG. No one thinks about the government that provides freebies, rice, oil, sugar, wheat and daal at subdised rates. They only cry when the fuel price is hiked marginally. While one Kilo rice is costing a minimum of 30 rupees, government issues 20 kg rice to a family at free of cost that amounts to Rs. 600/ per month. And increase in gas price is merely Rs. 25/-

    We need to think well before blaming the government.

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    "What I mean is by winning or manipulation, the BJP is ruling most of the State Governments."…………….." Then if they really wish to reduce they can sit together and reduce, Only thing is will is lacking."

    What about Maharashtra / Andhra Pradesh / Chhattisgarh / Delhi / Jharkhand / Kerala / Odisha / Punjab / Rajasthan / Tamil Nadu / Telangana & West Bengal.

    If anything happens which does not suit to us, then immediately we start blaming the government, but the problem is that we are even selective in here too because again we are targeting only the BJP government, and this clearly depicts the running of propaganda.

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    The Central Government can take the initiative and convene a meeting of all the State Governments to reduce the taxes on petrol, diesel, and cooking gas. The Central Government is mopping up a large share of the taxes. Whenever there is a decrease in the price of the crude oil, the benefit is not passed on to the consumers as it should be, but it is taken up by the Central Government. The State Governments are also benefitting and not protesting. The onus is on the Central Government, and it should take the lead. Then all the State Governments follow the suit.

    Whom we have to blame if the there is price rise in commodities? It is the Government and the party in power. The party in power is BJP. So the blame will go to BJP only.

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    Pl. suggest on how the Central Government should arrange for the funds required for,
    1. The supplies based on subsidies. I.e., education, healthcare
    2. The supplies based on free of cost.
    3. Infrastructure & defense.

    Do you have any other expenses that a government needs to manage?

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    Taxes from petroleum products is not the only source of revenue for the government. The previous governments managed the country without high taxation on these products. They have managed all the expenses mentioned above. They have implemented many schemes oriented towards the common man.
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    We have many projects started by NDA which was not there during UPA regime. For example,
    -Ayushman Bharat health scheme. likely to be 10 crore beneficiaries
    -PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana: Direct transfer to bank accounts of registered farmers. Rs. 3000/- on quarterly basis.
    -We have developed enough infrastructure in the neighboring to take care of China incurssions.
    -Possibly we have supplied Corona Vaccines to other nations on FOC
    -Have you heard of any of the projects got stopped or are on hold even when the Corona pandemic was on peak.

    The author also might agree with me that essential commodity prices were completely under control even though 90% of the commercial activities were shut for 8-9 Months.

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    What was the amount spent on these schemes? What are the budget provisions for these schemes? Are the prices of essential commodities really under control? Do these schemes justify the heavy excise duty clamped on petrol and diesel?
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    All members opposing the fuel price hike.
    Just calculate this. If a domestic gas cylinder costing Rs.800/- can last for 35 to 45 days, and if the increase is merely Rs. 25/- (800 to 825) what would be the additional burden to the gas users? It is nothing but 2500/40 = 62.5 paise per day. Is it a big amount to think and worry about when the middle class or lower class can spend over a hundred rupees to have a bottle of beer or a few pegs of hot liquor for joy? One milli litre ordinary liquor costs Rs. 1/-. An ordinary man consumes 180 ml liquor on an average spending Rs. 180/- with additional expenses for soda and side dishes.

    Be reasonable and apply your mind to think well to oppose the fuel price hike. No one grips other than the opposition leaders to attract the voters.

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    It may be possible that in your state people are provided all these things which you have mentioned but in our area only wheat is given 4 kg per person.
    Indeed government provides these essential commodities on cheap rates but due to corruption it all happens.
    When price hike increases price of other commodities are also affected. A person was paying Rs 350/- 8 to 10 years ago for PKG and now he is paying more than double. I don't deny inflation but at least price should not be increased of essential commodities.
    Do you remember Saddam Hussein of Iraq. His country continuously faced economic sanction for more than 20 years but despite all financial crisis he did not increase the rate of essential commodities and he continued all subsidy to poor people for this long period. I can't say how he could manage it.

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    Do you know that in the petroleum producing countries, the water is costly. They have sufficient oil, but not drinking water. Also just think about the salary of a person a decade back. It has increased 2.57 times. So, there is nothing wrong if the LPG price get doubled after 10 years. Iraq is a small but rich country that sells oil to make their revenue. Hence, no comparison.

    A decade back, I used to have hair cut for Rs. 40/-. Now I pay Rs. 100/- to the barber. What do you say?
    A decade back, a carpenter/plumber used to work for Rs. 400.- a day. Now his rate is Rs. 900/-+? What do you say? Like this, look at every aspect of your life to justify the LPG price hike to get satisfied.

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    #724869 / KVRR, you helped me a lot.

    "Do these schemes justify the heavy excise duty clamped on petrol and diesel?"

    "Justify" would mean different to different individuals. Instead, I would refer this a need of the time" and everything matters here.

    India is a country with huge resources, but the system is corrupt, and infrastructure is not developed enough to attract the foreign investors and therefore the government is bound to take few hard decisions and the intentions of the government is good and therefore I am ready to lesser with my few expenses.

    Only a few times back, when the JIO was introduced, I used to pay Rs. 720/- for 5 GB high speed data to be used in a Month and still the calling charges were very limited. Roaming charges were there too. Now compare this with the existing tariff.

    There is a Jan Aushadhi Kendra, and I am able to get the same composition medicine in 60% lesser price.

    Being in Delhi, I am using Metro for routine travels which is safe, fast and economic too.

    Most of the banking transactions, I am doing sitting back at home and this saves me a lot.

    Recently, after Covid when I travelled to my native place, I witnessed the whole coaches were changed but the fare remained the same.

    Delhi Meerut expressway, again safe, fast and economic too because of lesser congestion. More highways and flyovers are in process.

    There would be many more. The point is how we take it.

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    The answers to my questions are not given. If the system is corrupt, it is the failure of the Government.
    What infrastructure was lacking that prevented the Foreign Direct Investment in our country? How FDI is connected to heavy excise duty on petroleum products?
    The internet usage in India is increasing and the Internet Service Providers are able to offer it at lesser rates. The more the turn over the more will be profits.
    Jan Aushadi Kendrs are in existence since 2008. Now, the 'Jan Aushadhi Scheme'is renamed as 'Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana' (PMBJP).
    The Metro Railway is there since long, and it is nothing new. What all the others you mentioned like digital transactions, highways, modernisation of railways are continuous processes that are underway since long. The previous governments also carried out all these without levying high excise duty on petroleum products. The topic of the changes in excise duty was discussed in detail many times on this portal and there is no need for further extending this which has already gone out of the scope of this thread.

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    #724879: SuN:
    Inflation can't be stopped , nor price hike but I am saying price hike of essential commodities which includes LPG also should be controlled. Previous governments would alwys focus on this aspect. Even they could not fully control price hike of essential commodities but up to large extent they were successful. If governments control price hike of essential commodities then common people will not affected. If the gold 5k per 10 gram was 10 years ago and now it is more than 50k but number of customers is not changed because they are not affected because of status as a rich people. I advise you to visit any poor people colony how they manage to have two times meals.

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    "How FDI is connected to heavy excise duty on petroleum products?"

    Do not we feel that everything is interrelated? In a balance sheet, there are two sections, one is of revenue and another of expenses. If there are revenues, there would be scope of expenses. Like as we prepare budget of our homes but when in context to nation, this is in much broader perspective which a common people are not expertise to understand it completely. A common people move around food, water and clothing but a government has a lot do on varied areas. But when we make our stands clear to have to witness the things on individual perspectives only then no one can help.

    Few mentioned the lesser fuel prices in the neighboring countries like Pakistan. Why do not we compare with the other economic conditions too? But in the first place do we really need such basis when their history including existing political and social scenario are completely different from us.

    Many of subjects like the PMBJP, FDI, modernization etc are much vast and therefore need a separate thread to discuss.

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    For your kind information, I am from a village in south Tamilnadu where I am living now. I have seen the past and the present. The poor poor in my village are hale and hearty with the free ration issued and the job provided to one member of each family. They don't starve, but eat simple meal and are leading a happy life. The fuel price hike doesn't matter them. Many villagers are using a two wheeler. No one talks about the fuel price hike. And no one has kept their vehicle idle at home due to price hike.

    Also I am living in a metropolitan city Bengaluru. I have never seen people worrying about the fuel price hike or LPG price hike. They simply smile and say that gas price is hiked a bit. No one talks ill about the government. They are fully convinced about the price hike after giving a good thought about their salary hike.

    I would still reiterate that the politicians are having problems with the fuel price hike, not the common man.

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    Where is the author of this thread Mr. ABShivakumar? This thread has received 35 responses and counter responses, yet there is no response from the thread initiator to justify his thread title.
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    Sun at #724746, discouraging to note that you are yet to move on. You are still arguing with the same points that you took up during the discussion about the hike in the petrol prices. The only change, though not in an acceptable language and still in the negative grid, is that if you had suggested people shifting to bicycles then, now you have questioned the author and others who are against the price hike of LPG cylinders whether we would get back to the olden days of just wearing a loincloth (see, there are better and decent usages) if the textile prices are to go up. Why wait? Why have a government? Let us dismiss our government, dismantle our entire administrative machinery, throw away our clothes, forget our civilisation and go back to the stone age period. Would that be fine? Again, at #724872, you are trying to prove your point by comparing the price of liquor to that of the LPG? How illogical! How can you compare both? Check out the different parameters of both and if you still do not find any difference, fine. Tomorrow, when there is a rise in the prices of Onion, then also you would say the same thing. Maybe, for a change, you will say that if people can spend so much money daily on merely smoking away cigarettes, why can't they spend a few rupees more on the onion. You will simply keep changing commodities in your comparative list and will add up with some mathematics to satisfy your calculations but having decided to be where you need to be, you will stay put, without budging an inch well knowing that you are wrong.

    Vedprakash, what is the point in bringing up the other so-called welfare measures or development activities when it does not, in any way, compensate for the sufferings that the people are undergoing due to the frequent rise of LPG price? And why speak about subsidies or freebies? It is not yet time to forget the opening of zero balance account in banks for all or issuing free LPG gas stoves to a section of the society without considering whether they would be able to deposit some amount to their accounts at least once in a while or whether they would be able to afford for the cylinders? Let us accept the facts. When the price of LPG keeps on increasing, we need to accept that it is increasing and must find out ways to either bring it down or at least to keep it under control. It should not be the question of whether it is the BJP or the Congress is heading the centre, the question is how the common man is affected and what can be the solution. Will your feeling comfortable commuting by the so-called cheap metro help in keeping your kitchen stove burning?

    Many arguments have been brought up saying that the common man is not affected by the price rise? Could those who have been relying on the silence of the common man to substantiate their point, please tell me what is their definition of a 'common man'?

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    Sivakumar, when you raise a thread, it is your baby and you must see that it is not abandoned. You must make it a point to follow your threads or even responses and answer questions by others or issue clarifications wherever necessary. Simply raising a thread and locking the doors behind you does not hold good for a committed author. In the hope that you are silently, at least, following this thread, I suggest you get back and get back to the point without your usual deviations.
    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    I have the points to justify my stand. You are also from the same group that doesn't understand the reality. Yes. I compare the common man taking liquor for any price and cry to pay the fuel price.
    In a family where only the father earns, the children wants to use two wheeler for which the father has to spare from his purse. Is it not an unnecessary expenditure on fuel. And the father would cry to pay the price. Whatever you may say, I still hold on to say that the LPG price hike is not a very big issue at all.

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    Saji Ganesh,
    In the first place, I never agreed nor justifying the impact of increased prices to a common man. Instead, I believe this is not the time to create unnecessary panic.

    This would be undeniable fact that a certain section would surely feel uncomfortable with this rise, but this needs to be understood that this is not an extreme scenario that few may think to eliminate themselves. It is a human tendency to immediately look for alternatives to balance the income and the expenses.

    Only a few distance from my stay, there are few who on frequent basis fill up their small gas tank. It is like 2-3 Kgs at a time which may be usable for 4-5 days and then again, they make the filling for the same quantity. In this way the cost even goes up. I was saddened to witness this, but this is what is happening somewhere all the time. A slightly different from the topic, people do not even have access to clean water. This is the scenario of Delhi wherein the CM have fund allocated for write-off of electricity bill for few units and free commuting fares for women.

    "what is the point in bringing up the other so-called welfare measures or development activities"

    Why our focus should be on one aspect only wherein the things are moving on other side too which are the compensate acts and this is how the strategies are made to balance the things.

    "It is not yet time to forget the opening of zero balance account in banks for all"

    To my understanding, this was not implemented for all but only for those who could not afford to open for so long after independence. Pl. note that due to this the Government was able to send the money directly to their bank account without any intermediaries when there were job losses due to Corona because maximum of commercial activities was shut. Many of those zero-balance accounts are also being used to directly transfer Rs. 3000/- to the farmers on quarterly basis. Also, when in bank, their savings would be more secured than keeping the cash in their homes.

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    I was so busy with personal work that I was not able to see the responses at all. And after the cataract operation, I was advised not to strain my eyes at all.

    SuN Sir, at this rate, can be appointed as the official spokesperson of the BJP in AP and he will easily get the ruling party of Rao defeated in the next election with his rhetoric!!!

    Jokes apart, I can only pity people like SuN Sir, and Ved Prakash Sir, who are die hard bakthas of the BJP and the great PM. The fact of the matter is that the poor and the middle classes are simply getting totally frustrated every day. We even have one atrocious person called H Raaja who has now advised people to travel by bullock carts in Tamil Nadu. We will surely defeat this notorious person and put him in a bullock cart.

    SuN Sir, you ought to come out with various suggestions and not beat about the bush. You can never ever defend the atrocious increase in petrol and cooking gas prices. We need a pragmatic policy to reduce the prices immediately. Do not talk about Komanam. We are all rich enough to buy simple clothes. For example, in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, we have numerous sellers who sell sarees and shirts and pants at really cheap prices and in instalments. The issue is the horrible increase of every commodity and even the share auto guys who have now fixed the minimum fare at Rs 15 or Rs20. The poor cannot grin and bear it, SuN Sir. The middle classes have nowhere to go. Food inflation is extremely high. Do not defend what cannot be defended and stop your blind faith in someone who talks big but whose action on the ground is a big zero.

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    Mr ABS,
    First of all, I do not like you using the term Bhakth in your threads and thread responses. You may use the words supporter instead of Bhakth. Bakhth is a devotee to God.
    Secondly, you appear to be an anti-BJP guy and a supporter of Gandhis.
    Thirdly, you do not study and analyze the issues thoroughly, and post threads and response threads with half baked knowledge.
    Fourthly and lastly, the public do not cry seriously with the fuel price and LPG price hike, but the politicians and the Gandhi family followers.

    How long would you take the excuses of cataract operation as a reason? When my eyes got operated, I resumed ISC working after 15 days. It is almost 2 months after your operation.

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    Sir there were some complications and these have been set right now. Ok. Let me call you a supporter. We now have at least four main politicians who keep talking nonsense about the petrol and cooking gas price. I really do not know how you come to ridiculous suggestions that the price hike is only marginal and so on? It is really pathetic that you justify the price hike. Every single thing has gone up. The then RBI Governor had even suggested FD rates to be increased when inflation went beyond control. Today, retail inflation is very high. It is almost ten percent but senior citizens like me get just 6 percent.!

    Anyway, Modi must be so happy that he has fabulous supporters like you who will keep on defending every action of the Government. It is sad that you do not understand ground realities. Go to the market to understand how prices have shot up. Of course, you will never be convinced. Price of cooking gas has been increased so high and within such a short time. God save this country.

    We have morons doing nothing. It is sad that you keep on justifying everything.

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    Mr. ABS,
    Do you know the public that receives freebies collect them and sell out to make money. The government supplies 20/30 kgs of rice per month free of cost, and the consumers sell it out for Rs.5/- per kg. Same is with the kerosin. The public converts freebies into cash. How do you justify this. If the government stops issuing freebies, again the the public would cry. Everyone is making fool of the government. Just think about crores of people eating government money. I would say that it is a wasteful expenditure by the government, and fuel or gas price hike doesn't matter.

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    What is the percentage of misuse SuN Sir? For example, here at Sholinghur, I know families that depended entirely on their rations of 20 kg during the Covid period as the sub-contract units simply shut shop and asked the employees to go home. There will always be some misuse. But you and I have to support the cause. There is no choice. For example, am not eligible at all for rice from the PDS. Only around five kgs of sugar at somewhat reasonable prices. I feel proud that hundreds of people have given up their rights and use the ration card as an identity only.

    You are way off the mark. You do not know anything about ground realities. For example, in the surrounding villages of the town called Sholinghur where I live, each house has some space where they grow neem trees. The neem trees are also grown at the extreme end of farms for shade. The owners never object to any agricultural employee cutting the neem trees to some extent. Note that this is the only firewood used for cooking, as the cost of cooking gas is so high. And do you know that there is a private supply method where one can just buy one cylinder for Rs.1000 without any proof?\

    So, only the poor are badly affected. They buy cheap aluminum vessels for cooking. They are sold for Rs.250 apiece and the poor depend only on the rations. In fact, the North Indian labor force also depends only on the 20 kg of wheat that is now given, under the one Nation, one ration card scheme. I have seen hundreds who use firewood in the manner described above. I have interacted with them, even when the gas price was around Rs.650. Your fantastic Government and that horrible Madurai Maami who is the Finance Minister will not rest till we become so poor. Just wait and see. Of couse, SuN Sir will always vote for BJP!!!

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    Mr ABS, You are talking as the poor are unemployed and they are allowed to sit at home and eat free food and enjoy life. If a person cannot work and earn, he is unfit to live in this world. One has to work to earn their bread. Government is helping the families by giving them employment through MGRGA . Also you are talking as the whole country lives on the PDS.
    As a highly educated senior and rich guy you should know how to behave and address in a social media. We should feel proud that a lady from TN is controlling the Finance of our country. Our country has waded through the pandemic waters successfully. BJP government need to be applauded. If it was the congress government, we would have suffered a lot under a immature guy.

    In fact, the poor in our country don't cry but smile.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun, the freebies are not given out of anyone's personal pocket. That is also public money. And if the government is genuinely concerned about the freebies, why are they announcing new ones? For example, just as the LPG prices were rising, the Modi government announced a free supply of cylinders to a section of society. Why? Your averments give the impression that the freebies are being given on the demand by the public while it is not so. How can you justify someone telling his child who is crying for food that he need not cry because he was given a new toy to play with. Will the toy be able to satisfy his hunger? If freebies are being distributed it is not an innovation by the present government; the earlier governments also used to take such actions but they were more practical. They always had the financial position of the country in mind and did never announce such allowances just for political gain.

    As Sivakumar has already said, and as I very well understand, there is no point in trying to convince you because you tend to argue for argument sake and all the more is trying to be nobler than the king.

    With just repetitive responses coming in, I think it is time to lock the thread.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    It is a simple truth that the Government of India is deliberately raising prices. To blame the oil companies is all drama. Everyone knows that this is not true, as the Government has absolute authority. The Finance Minister need to be removed immediately. Dr Subramaniam Swami is the best for the position. I hope the BJP will also slowly understand everything soon.

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    We are closing this discussion now, as it has reached the saturation point.

    AB Sivakumar- note that you have been given enough warnings. You are free to criticize the Govt. and express your views on the policies and schemes of the Govt. but the forum posting guidelines are clear that insulting leaders is not allowed. The adjectives you use do so, and once more this is done, the admin. is likely to suspend you. Do not use derisive adjectives against the Prime Minister or other leaders.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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