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    “Property” in a different perspective.

    There are stocks of words in a vocabulary which at a time presumes different meanings. The word "property" in discussion also displays the same property.

    The above read may wonder you for a bit of time.

    One may regard this to values that may help define you a good and more responsible while others may fix this to some profit and loss statement in connection with the transactions arising of sale and purchase of physical commodities. In a society, both are essential, but at the same time this would not be possible to see them individually. However, we can work on our priorities and accordingly create a pleasant balance in between.

    We have studied this in some another perspective too wherein we have often referred this to features and characteristics that one is consisting of or one is made-up of and our expertise and experience will provide us a base wherein this can be used more effectively.

    Entry for the TOW contest.
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    The author has taken the different way of convincing and detailing through his submission for the tow topic and surely he has attempted a different way of approach.
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    True. Property has two meanings. One is the assets you have. That may be physical assets or mental assets. Another meaning for the property is the characteristic of a person or a material. He is a soft man. It is one property he is having. The only metal which is liquid is Mercury. It is the property of that metal.
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    It is also an interesting thread on this topic chosen for on going contest. Property can be defined in different ways. The author has chosen his own way to explain property.
    Indeed property is mainly understood as the asset for people and business establishments and also materials and substances have defined-properties too.
    However, properties which are attributed to human beings. I think all the best qualities which makes a person as a good human are the essential properties for every individual and he should try his best to generate these properties.
    All these properties which necessarily be possessed by all living and non living creatures that have been lying anywhere on this planet open up new and pleasant panorama for research scholars and knowledgeable people. These properties attract scientists and explorers to invent or discover or research or do practicle experiment or study about them in details which benefit existing knowledge seeker as well as next generations which are still in future.

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    Most of the people use property to denote assets and that is the most common meaning understood by many of us. At the same time it is true that we use it for defining the characteristics of a person or a material where it assumes a different meaning. Like we say that property of a particular substance is such that it does not burn in fire so it can be used for making fire retarding clothes.
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    The author has rightly said, there are different forms of property and the definition of property is according to everyone. Whether the property is real or virtual like our virtues etc., both have importance because human beings give their efforts and we are very conscious of our property as long as there is life. But the stability of property cannot be determined as it also varies according to the demand of time and age. Whatever be the case, but when we work for our property for its safety and its survival, then we also give an opportunity to the goals brought in life.
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