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    Why convicts not given one chance ?

    In a recent order the courts have directed the police to re arrest those convicts who have been lodged and released from Tihar jails during the covid and now that the situation eased , the courts does not want to give them bail and want to continue their trial. Normally those convicts who were now had the sigh of relief of having left the barracks and starting new life, would feel dejected when the police would arrest them eventually. Why the courts should not give them one chance in life to convert into main stream ?
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    Thanks the author for highlighting this issue. What crimes they committed during lockdown I don't know. I guess that it could be coming out of their homes without permission. If they committed crimes they should be punished.
    Many videos were viralled on social media how police brutally beat people who came out on streets . I do not know if the policemen were called to book.

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    Why the police released them without court permission is not known. What is the crime they did is not known? If there is anything wrong with the police also will be highlighted in the trials I hope. Let us wait and see.
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    Due to over crowding inside jails during Corona the court ordered some of them been released and they have been called back to jails.
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    Thanks for this clarification. It means the court had given permission to accused of the crime to stay in home because of excessive number of prisoners in jails now vaccine has been supplied to hospitals and most probably corona virus is also about to die.

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    Normally convicts would not be released from the jail just like that but due to the unprecedented situation created by the corona pandemic a decision was taken to release the convicts so that they might be taken back to their barracks once the situation was contained. So that action of releasing them was done on a humanistic note to safeguard their health interests only and was a good step.
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