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    Do you believe Happiness is the key to success.

    We all are running towards achieving the goal i. e. towards success. And anticipated that happiness will come in life once become a successful man. Is it true that in every success there in happiness? I don't think so. In my opinion if there is happiness, success may be come and if there is success, you will happy, if success not come even you will remain happy.
    But there are happiness in different way varies from people to people. In the society there are many successful people who are still searching happiness. So the actual inner meaning is very difficult. Please share your views.
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    Success will bring us happiness. This what we all experienced. The author says if you are happy, you will be successful. I am in agreement with the author. When you attempt any work with happiness and with a positive attitude you will be successful. If you are not happy and if you are not attempting the work with a positive attitude you may not be successful.
    Many people will not satisfied with the success they attained and still, they want to go long. Such people may not feel very happy with the success they attained.

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    Success is a big achievement in one's life and it is natural that success will bring happiness albeit temporarily. The real happiness is achieved through enlightenment and understanding the purpose of life. One has to do one's work but if one does not get the desired or expected result the one should not be sad on that outcome and rather forget those failures and look ahead with new zeal. Happy people never dwell in past. They work in present without bothering for future. The anxiety of future creates stress in our lives and happy persons somehow manage not to have that type of anxiety in their lives.
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    Success is attainable only when we are directed towards our work having right mental frame. Positivity is the essential attribute in case we want success. Absent mindedness or thinking negatively will affect the entire work taken in hand. Hence there exists a correlation between the success and happiness. If we are happy we would explore all possible avenues which will help in completion of the job successfully but in case of gloomy mood, we may miss one point or the other to achieve the success. So it would be better to start a job with a cool mind taking every essential points into consideration and at the same time, happiness should prevail in course of performing a job.

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    What is the exact definition of success and happiness and up to great extent both terms may be correlated and why? It all depends on people what perception they have about successful life and happiess. Generally, where's  success there is happiness and vice versa. But for some people success as happiness both are two different independent identities. Those  who believe in spirituality seek happiness in peace and solitude. They stay away from materialistic worldly affairs. On other side people find the success in wealth, power, social status, high designition, big business but some people are fickle- minded who can't stay at a place, they pushing themselves to move around the world and exploring unseen places. It gives them happiness and after spending some years of their life they turn back and think how much successful they have been for this period.

    Should I be a better human being or should I be a better hoarder of wealth? - What is our outlook about life success and happiness will be defined and summed up accordingly. I find one who is successful in hereafter is a real successful person and he will get unending happiness in unfathomable quantity.

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    While little bit sorrow or bad experience would spoil our mood for days together. Some happiness now and then would give us lots of energy and enthusiasm to continue with the trait. Suppose in a factory when the MD makes a surprise visit and found that the workers are doing their line of work without wasting time and seeing the fineness of the work done a pat on the back of that employee would go a long way to go for more enthusiasm and interest to work further as the pat came from top of the management and in the presence of all employees. Though it is the small matter the positive energy that employee gets is the great happiness to which he never expected. Moreover when the mind is in happy mode our thought process are good and we tend to take right decisions and that gives rise to right performance without glitch.
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    When we are successful, then happiness automatically comes and a happy person always moves forward with positive thinking and attracts many more successes in the future. If seen, both success and happiness together parallel. In some cases, it is found that the person is not as happy as he probably should be, maybe the definition of happiness is different for him in such a case. Sometimes different forms of happiness and different definitions of happiness depending on the person's own thoughts and thinking about what real happiness is for him.
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