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    All the water in the Ocean could never sink a ship

    A ship will travel nicely and steadily in an Ocean even though an unimaginable quantity of roaring water is flowing around it. The ship will sink only when water enters inside it. Similarly, all the pressures of life can never hurt us unless we allow the pressures to get inside us. So we must have strong willpower to keep the negative pressures away from us to keep ourselves peaceful. Our peace of mind and happiness depends upon how we manage things nicely. It is not proper for us to tell that we are not faring well in life because we are surrounded by a lot of difficulties. We have to remember the example of how huge roaring water cannot do anything to ship, any kind of pressure cannot do anything if we have strong willpower in us.
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    Thoughts are good and of course such thinking keeps someone hopeful and alive but we don't know how he feels before falling into depression and this depression eventually takes someone to commit toughest step to kill himself. Today I saw A viralled video- the last video of a 23 years young married girl. She was married in 2018 but her husband demanded her father a four wheeler. Her parents were not so much wealthy to fulfil his demand, so she was staying with her parents. On 25th feb 2021 she came on Sabarmati river bridge and shot her last video. When she informed her husband about her last step he asked her to shoot her last video and send him. How mean and cruel this man must be. Before jumping into river she called her parents . She was crying and her parents were asking her to stop but she preferred dying . Now that cruel man has been arrested.
    The views of the author give satisfaction and console a broken heart but we can't say what agony a person feel when he/she has utterly lost his/her hopes to live any longer.

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    The author has raised a very meaningful saying that the whoelsome water in the ocean cannot sink the ship unless and until there was a hole to capsize it. What I want to compare the same with our knowledge and wisdom which cannot sink even though there are people on the prowl to demean and de recognize us in the course of life. A ship with its huge weight would criss cross the destinations with speed and no chance of sinking. But when the outside forces like the vagaries of nature may create havoc when the ship was in the middle of the journey and suddenly heavy winds can capsize the same. Same way we may be good and not harming anybody and minding our own business and life but there are detractors around us who want thwart our progress for their personal pleasure as they do not want us to progress.
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    An inspiring post by the author that we should not be deterred by the difficulties in our lives. Life is a long journey full of adversaries and struggles especially for a common person who does not have parental property and other resources to survive in this world. Everyone is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and many of us have to struggle day and night for our livelihood and for surviving in this tough and cruel world. There is no other option then to work hard and fight against all odds. Human capacity for struggle is unlimited and only thing is we have to spark the fire within us for our own development and prosperity. Getting discouraged and leaving the efforts in desperation is the biggest defeat that we can easily have in this world and that is to be avoided at any cost. Even after doing our best we may not succeed but that is no excuse for not working after that episode. Life does not constitute one single event. It is a web of so many events interlinked with each other and we have to find a path through that maze.
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    True. We should not allow negative thoughts and negative pressure to enter our minds. All of us very well know this. But how many of us can follow this. As long as the water from the ocean will not enter the ship, the ship is safe. But the moment it starts coming we will feel the difference. We have to remember that by taking more pressure we can't think properly and we can't judge things properly. There may be a heavy stream of water outside. Let it be and concentrate on your journey and the condition of the ship. Then there will not be any problem.
    I have seen people who never take any problem in their heart. They see that as an issue that requires attention. They keep their cool and work it out to solve the problem. That is the best way of attacking the issues. But all can't keep that cool/

    always confident

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