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    Different substances are characterised by their different properties

    In scientific studies and research we differentiate different substances based on their properties. There are various properties based on which such differentiation is possible. The simplest is appearance and colour. From appearance we can distinguish liquids from solids, rock from the loose soil, clouds from the snow, tree from the bush, land from the sky and so on. Another property is weight. Some materials are light weight like cotton, paper etc while some are heavy like steel, mercury, cement etc. One interesting property is to dissolve in other material. For example sugar and salt dissolve in water. But wood pieces do not dissolve in it. Another interesting property is reaction with other materials. There are many substances which react with water or acids or alkalies and give out some gaseous material and covert themselves in some new substances. We learn these things in Chemistry and go through so many reactions between the materials. Most of them are used in the industry for production of items from reactions between some different items. Similarly, one important aspect is treatment of materials with heat. Different materials behave differently when heated. Many simply melt and again come back to their solid state as soon as the heat is depleted. Wax is an example of such material. Some of them melt but do not come back and remain in the new form only. For example when snow melts it is converted to water. At normal temperatures it then remains as water. There are electrical and conductive properties of the materials based on which they are selected for electrical wiring and thermal conductions. In industry, this differentiation helps in selecting a good material for a technical purpose. For example copper is a very good conductor of electricity and that is the reason why we use copper wires in our electrical wirings. Aluminium is also a good conductor but not as good as copper but being cheaper it is also used in electrical circuits and wiring,

    We learn a lot of things from the properties of different materials and it is this knowledge that is used in identification of materials in an unknown sample. By exposing the sample to so many tests with acids, alkalies, and heat etc we can find out their constituents. Understanding properties of the various materials is very important in scientific studies as it helps in distinguishing a material from other one.

    This is my entry for the month end TOW contest on the topic property.
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    It appears to be a summary of a classroom lecture about properties of substances. It is well explained. Properties of diamond, gold and silver are missing.their properties are highly valuable. Their presence in your locker establish your status in the society. People are greedy for them, especially, women love them beyond imaginations. Some men are also fond of keeping them on their fingers as rings or thick chain suspended on their necks.

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    The author has chosen the science subject of substances and its related properties to connect with the tow topic and no member has ever thought about this. Great try.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is an interesting post that the different substances have different properties and we study them in the science subjects during our school times. Mostly, these things we learn in Physics and Chemistry where properties of different materials are taught in great details and underlying scientific principles are explained. This post reminds us the studies we had undergone during our high school classes.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has highlighted the characteristics of different materials exhibiting their physical and chemical properties. These properties had been discussed by our teachers in the class room session during our higher secondary stages. The properties of these materials are always analysed prior to its industrial applications so that the materials used don't go any chemical transformation or reactions impacting its uses. Hence it would always better to go in the details of their usefulness for some specific purpose.
    The author has selected an interesting topic for his tow contest which will go a long way in enriching the knowledge of the readers already forgotten with the passage of time due to lack of touch of their properties.

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    Different substances will have different properties. These properties are used for identifying the material. There are two types of tests. Preliminary tests and confirmation tests. Once you do the preliminary tests and if there is any positive indication you can go for the confirmation test. This is how the systematic analysis of unknown compounds will go in the chemistry laboratory.
    Every element will be identified with the property. Density is one property that is unique for each material. But simply measuring the density we can't identify the material. We have to confirm by performing some other tests. Every element will have its unique atomic number and atomic weight. Using these properties only a lot of research and development works are carried out and new molecules are discovered and new applications are developed by many scientists.

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