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    Anti Govt. voice is not sedition. Thanks SC

    In the recent past there has been face off with govt and social media through which people vent their ire on different policies and programs and registered their dissent voices even in public platforms. Having gone to court , the SC has observed that people have the right to criticize and express dissent at the performance of govt and that does not mean sedition. This is far reaching ruling from the court as any body talking against the govt on social media or other platforms would earn the wrath of govt agencies taking action.
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    Actually talking against the Govt was never an act of sedition. Opposition always talks so many things against the Govt and many times enquiry commissions or CBI probes are also conducted against those who are still in the powerful positions. So this is the usual way of people showing their displeasure with the Govt policies. Sedition is that action which maligns one's country in the eyes of others and gets a bad name for India in the international arena. Further, sedition is to sell the secrets of the county to the other countries. In fact, any anti-national activity, however small it may be, is an act of sedition.
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    Especially those who talk against the Kashmir are taken seriously.
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    We are in a democratic country and the government is elected by the people only. So we have the authority to say against the policies and acts of the government. In India, we all know that the policy of the opposition is to criticise the government only and nobody can find fault with this.
    But abusing individuals and charging them with unproved allegations may not go well. We should have the right to criticise the ways of the government. The act of criticising the government will not come under sedition and the court should be appreciated for its decision.

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    In the recent past, the police were hyperactive and booked many persons on sedition charges for their tweets on the social media. One stand-up comedian was booked for the jokes he did not use but intended to use in a program later. This observation along with many others by the judiciary should bring a sobering effect on those officials booking cases on sedition. The recent guidelines and other actions proposed by the Government on online platforms also need to be reviewed.
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    Earlier people were showing their resentments in newspapers or by carrying out mass meetings in the public parks to show their anger and concern towards some of the Govt policies. In such cases police was also deployed there but till no destruction or anti-national activity was carried out police did not take any action against those people. Same thing is now happening in social media where people are showing their resentment and anguish in verbal form and until there is something spoken against the integrity of the nation there is no question of sedition there.
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    The matter is related to former chief minister Farooq Abdullah about showing his resentment pertaining to central government decision. He dissented and opposed abrogation of article 370 and other special rights for Jammu and Kashmir and also it was changed into a Union Territory. Someone of Gujarat requested the court to declare him as anti national and to get his membership of parliament quashed. Hearing this petition the court discharged it and also fined this man Rs 50k for wasting court time.
    Sedition charge is a serious matter in which an accused can't get bail easily from the court . He has to stay imprisoned for months. Many people including journalists are facing sedition charges and they are waiting for getting bail. Now the court will decide how many of them are real culprits and how many of them are innocents.

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    This order by the Hon'ble Supreme Court has actually quashed the utopian ideal of the BJP and the Modi government, which they experienced and enjoyed and wanted to formulate as a principle, that the 'BJP government' means the 'Nation' or that the 'Nation' means the 'BJP government'.

    The ruling has, in fact, reinstated our right to expression as enshrined in the Constitution of India and is a reminder to the BJP and the government that they cannot interpret the Constitutional provisions or the law of the land to suit their convenience.

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    Thanks to the apex court for reminding each one of us that showing dissent against the policies or acts of government is not anti-national. In any democratic setup, the government is of the people, for the people and by the people and here people have the last say. This observation of the apex court reminded me of another important observation made by Justice D. Y. Chandrachud a few years ago. He said, "Dissent is the safety valve of democracy. If dissent is not allowed, then the pressure cooker may burst". Democracy is not something like a kingdom where the king has the last word. Everybody has a right in our country to express opinions and as long as it is not something against the nation or maligning the country in front of others no authority can take coercive action against a person. This observation of the SC is a reminder to those who brand people anti-national whenever something is said that is opposed to their personal views.

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    This court verdict is applicable to a particular case in which SC has given relief to accused. Is there no provision that SC may issue an internal notice to all courts to acquit all dissenters who are imprisoned for sedition charges ? I don't know about it.
    However, this SC verdict will be taken as an evidence in individual cases in all HC, District and lower courts while hearing their appeal.

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