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    Regarding review of one course submitted on 05.02.2021

    I had submitted one course pertaining to A P Sen Memorial College, Lucknow on 05.02.2021. I request the concerned editor to please review it as the course name in the college page is appearing in black colour which means it is pending or waiting for review. If it is in the queue and waiting for its turn then please ignore this reminder. The link of the course page is -
    Course link.
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    The section Editors have been informed and requested to check. Please wait for a response.
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    I checked it out. It was reviewed by a Course Editor within a few days of submission and shifted to pending. The course details were not located on the college website. Though you did state that the syllabus is the same as that of Lucknow University, for editors to check it and for visitors to know about it, it is suggested to give the URL (put the URL in text format in parentheses) from where you located the details. Also, you have incorrectly stated that 40% is the minimum score for admission. Check again and give accurate information.

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    As we are not getting alerts for courses (of course due to unavailability of so many alerts as restrained by the system), I did not know this and could not correct it in time. Thanks for giving the details and now I have done the necessary corrections at my end. Actually, there is a link in the main menu buttons in the college website which takes us to Lucknow university to find the syllabus of the relevant course. I have now given that link also in a bracket as note to the editor. Thanks for quick resolution of the pending issue.
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    It has been approved now. Note that, as I mentioned earlier (when you had raised a query about a course that you had submitted) when shifted to pending the course will appear in grey. It is in black colour when it is newly submitted, and turns blue when it is approved (red, of course, when deleted). I had also mentioned elsewhere that, since it is not possible to have alerts for all our content, it is our responsibility to keep track of the content that we submit, whether it got approved or shifted to pending, and, if the latter, rectify the errors. Now, in the case of courses, there is no feature of a public remark box to alert the contributor to the reason for pending. What I suggest we can do is to send a message to the Lead Editor Dhruv and he will provide the reason for pending.

    One more thing - you should not put a message like 'note to the editor' in the text. I had instructed to simply provide the source as a reference for anyone who visits the page. I have accordingly corrected the text you put.

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    Thanks for the quick redressal.
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