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    Is this a remorse by Rahul Gandhi for the atrocities committed during the Emergency

    44 years ago, in 1975, India saw its darkest phase when then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared emergency across the country. This decision was the very darkest and deepest one in Indira Gandhi's tenure as PM. The emergency was issued by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed under Article 352(1) of the Constitution and lasted 21 long months beginning 25th June 1975.

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that the decision to impose a state of emergency in India during former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was wrong. Rahul's remarks came during a webinar hosted by Cornelia University in the US.

    Is this a remorse of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress for the atrocities committed during the Emergency?
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    I had already raised this issue and matter through a post and it is indeed a sad part on the part of nation going through worst period during the autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi as the PM of the country and she never cared the court orders nor the opposition of that time and thus behaved in a Hitler way and earned the wrath of the nation. Now the Congress has been repenting that wrong has been done and emergency was the great unfortunate thing to happen and that should not happened. May be Congress want to make public connect again through repenting of their old misdeeds.
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    Emergency was the darkest era in a democratic country. Now Rahul Gandhi has admitted and has declared it as a wrong decision of the then prime minister Indra Gandhi. I appreciate him for this confession. Indra Gandhi was a very strong leader. She was considered as iron lady. Decision of emergency declaration was her wrong decision but she never stooped before international community while rejecting powerful countries' pressure. It was Indra Gandhi who could break Pakistan into two pieces. US was supporting Pakistan but she did not compromise. Similarly Lal Bahadur Shastri rejected to accept the demand of US in 1965. I would like to cite Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi also who successfully pressurised US government when Indian officer of Indian embassy was mistreated in US. American government was bent down by strong Indian leadership.Rajiv Gandhi sent Indian troops to Maldives to protect the government when armed forces tried to topple their government. President Mamoon Abdul Gayyum requested Indian government to help his government. He also sent Indian peace keeping force to Sri Lanka at the request of their government.
    Congress had strong leadership concerning foreign policy. Indra Gandhi misjudged Indian democratic structure and committed a blunder by imposing emergency. She was punished by people in next elections but Indian people always liked her as a strong leader. She was re-elected as the Indian prime minister and successfully retained her office till she was shot dead by her security guards for taking strong decision against forces of Khalistan movement. Ultimately she sacrificed her life to protect integrity, unity, sovereignty of the country.

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    Imposition of Emergency was a bold decision taken by the Iron Lady Indira Gandhi. As a ruler she did her best to have everything under her control. She was right with her decision. The common man of the country welcomed Emergency and only the politicians opposed the Emergency. Rahul Gandhi should have refrained from commenting Indira Gandhi's bold decision. He could have avoided answering the question or answered diplomatically without using the word ' Wrong'. This is why I call him an immature politician.
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    Everyone knows that emergency by Indira Gandhi was a bold decision and the opposition took it very seriously also though the general public might had been benefited. In democratic systems it is better to go for the resolutions rather than going for such tough and autocratic methods. Emergency cannot bring the desired result until the Govt machinery is clean and honest. Mr Rahul Gandhi might had given his individual opinion on the matter as favouring the emergency era would make him appear favouring his family ancestors only. From that angle he has done a correct thing.
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    Why are we taking him seriously after all?

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    The imposition of emergency was considered to be a great blunder committed by Mrs.Indira Gandhi and she herself realized after facing its result. The erstwhile BJP that existed in the form of Janasangh, RSS, and the press felt its strong effect and thus they greatly opposed it. So by saying regrets to it by Rahul Gandhi gives his good nature of accepting wrongs, unlike present-day politicians. Instead of this, poking others on the wrong side is the completely wrong thing.

    The demolition of Babri Masjid is a black mark in Indian history and in this act, the BJP, RSS, and politicians present in the present government are responsible. Have they at least politely confessed and say their deepest regrets to the nation? Outwardly these leaders may say some sort of confession to escape from court cases and internally they celebrate their win in getting a verdict in favor of them. Those people who are adoring such a party and its leaders without any logic have to pass comment on such a heinous happening in history.

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    Many politicians accept that declaring an emergency is a mistake committed by the then Prime Minister. After a gap of more than 40 years, today Rahul Gandhi says it is a mistake. Better late than never. The party accepted the mistake. I know many people who suffered those times and I know people who lost their lives during that period. Anyhow, we can't bring them back.
    If the party realises its old mistakes and correct them and go in the right direction, it will be good for the party. Let the party work in a committed direction so that the chances of winning in the coming elections will improve.

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    The situation during the phase of 1975 was extremely unmanageable since the different parties were rearing their ugly faces creating chaos in the entire country. There was huge unrest in the country and many ugly thing surfaced such as student agitations, irresponsible statements of the opponents and irrational price hike of the essential commodities.
    The Iron Lady Indira Gandhi was not getting relief in any corner and lingering the same situation could result in total paralysis of the government machinery.
    After the promulgation of the emergency, the embassiing situation was brought control and the common people could get the comforts in terms of price of essential commodities. There was no more irresponsible statements of the leaders. In that way, the emergency was the essential step during that era in our country.

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    Mr. Sheo Shankar Jha very correctly explained the situation at that time. Mrs. Indira Gandhi did not have a better alternative at that time. The situation was volatile at that time, and she took this decision. The Allahabad High Court struck down the election of Mrs. Indira Gandhi on technical grounds. The Supreme Court on an appeal filed by Mrs. Gandhi, while upholding the High Court judgment granted conditional stay on the verdict of Allahabad High Court. The Supreme Court allowed her to continue as Prime Minister pending the disposal of her appeal. The next day that is on 25-06-1975, Mrs. Gandhi declared internal emergency as per the provisions of the Constitution.
    The Congress party has already apologized to the nation for the emergency imposed by Mrs. Gandhi. As explained by Mr. Jha, the emergency brought the situation under control. Many political leaders and others were jailed at that time. The RSS was banned. The declaration of emergency though not welcomed by many, there are many people who think it did some good to the country.

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    Why we are discussing only the part of the conversation wherein Rahul has said that the declaration of Emergency was a 'mistake' (not wrong). If you go through the whole conversation, you will realise that his intention was not to criticise the move by Smt Indira Gandhi but basically to draw a comparison between the Emergency period and the present Modi regime. You must note the point he conveys when he says that the Congress never attempted to capture the institutional framework and at no point in time during their period in power was Democracy strangled as it is being done now. So, his basic point is that the present period under Shri Modi is actually worse than the Emergency period or to put it in a different way, the Emergency period was in fact better than the present rule where the BJP and RSS are forcing their way and anyone who speaks against them is silenced in a tyrannical manner.

    So, even while suggesting that the imposition of Emergency was a mistake, his main aim is to bring out the intrusion of the Modi government into our Constitutional framework and their attempt to saffronize our institutions. He very well knows that if he supports the Emergency, the BJP will surely try to take a lead and he does not want that to happen. I think it shows his maturity as a politician.

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