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    Are our memories under our control?

    We make new memories in our minds every day from childhood till today, some of which we forget, some are always there. Some forgotten memories are also suddenly remembered many times, but some memories are completely erased which we got to know from others, especially the memories of childhood. But many times it happens that we remember an event that was about 10 years ago, and its image is displayed in the mind in the same way as it was before 10 years, on the other hand, some events have happened hardly 6 months ago and we forget about them. Human has got the quality of forgetting grom he God, and it really affects us, but what do you think, do we make our own memories as per our choice?
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    What I feel that our memories are not under our control and we try to remember the same when we visit that place again after many years. For example where I studied 1st to 10th class is hardly five kilometers from our house but never had the chance to visit. Once I had been to other place and through my old school , suddenly I stopped my vehicle and ran my past memories as if playing in the ground, chatting and playing with the friends, and the bell is still dangling to the tree and thus the old memories are regained again when we visit the place once in many years.
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    Many things which make a deep impact on our mind may be remembered well for a long time. The memories which made us extremely happy or the memories which are extremely sorrowing will be remembered long. I lost my 3 years old sister when I was just 10 years old. But I remember the happenings those times. How she died and how I missed her lost look etc,? are remembered even today.
    I received my PhD certificate in the year 1982. I remember the day of convocation in which I received my certificate from the Governor on the stage personally. My parents were also there in the Convocation hall to witness the occasion. Those pleasant moments which gave me extreme happiness are in my memory even after 38 years.
    That way the matters which will make a big impact on our mind will be remembered for a long time.

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    Human brain is a marvel of nature. It is having immense capacity for storage of data. The events of past are retained there but their signature are strong or light depending on the relative importance of the events. Though the events will be in a chronological sequence but only the relevant ones will be called back when we want to recollect the events. It is believed that we keep only those things in our memory which we like and prefer due to whatever reasons. Another thing is that if something which happened had affected us deeply then also it remains there intact and as if it has happened recently. So these are some of the factors that decide as what will remain there for ever and what would remain there faintly and what would be erased from it.
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    I agree that some incidents happened in past remain alive for a long time . Some incidents are dimmed in memory but they are refreshed provided that they are recalled. Generally, the  incidents which affect our life are never forgotten. Even some of them become as nightmares if they had given some bad effect on our life. These nightmares dont leave us for ages and keep haunting our mind. I have some bad memories too which I wish to scratch them but nightmares often remind me about bad patches of past. Some good memories generate satisfaction and hope  and propel me moving.

    I think we should learn from our past memories. They may guide us if taken as our guide. Some past memories are happily preserved whereas some of them irritate us and we want them forget.

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