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    Work on things that people can't take away from you

    In the present corrupt world, people may snatch away so many things that you gained through your hard work. This may include money, property, physical things, etc. But there are so many things that can't be snatched by others in this world from you and if you possess them your personal value will be doubled. Such things include knowledge possessed by your education, your mindset, your character, your transparency, your goodness, your personality, your entire being, etc. So work hard to gain such things and that automatically provides you everything in this world.
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    There are many things in our lives that can't be snatched away by others. Your honesty your faithfulness and your sincerity are some such things. We should not compromise on such issues. We should be honest always. We should be sincere and faithful always. That will enhance your value in society and you will be respected. If you respect others they will respect you. If you talk politely others will also talk politely. Improve good habits and you can share your good habits with others and in that process, you will gain more and lose nothing.
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    Working on such things that corrupt world couldn't take away, is a controversial topic in modern society. There are crores of un-corrupt people in the world, who knows them? I think only their families knows the things, but not the society because they were from marginal family and nothing has earned in their life, like money, power, education. To remain in the society one must obtained something first to sacrifice later. A taxi driver refund huge money lying on his taxi to the passenger, only they are the witnesses, other doesn't even known the incident. I think by doing all the things as advised by the author the self spiritual power will enhanced and he will reach near to the God by self development but not to society. Hence we should always fight against the corruption rather than diverting ourselves.
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    Rightly said by the author that we may be robbed of our money, articles, properties and even our prestige. But what they cannot rob is our hard work and commitment to live against the all odds. Some people lived with principle even at the time of death and they could not demand any favor for them. Some great leaders who were not even owning the house have served as the Minister and they followed their principles. Though we may not like such kind of people for obvious reasons, the fact is that we had lived amidst them and wondered about their principles.
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    Everything is immortal in this world including us. These physical things like property,money etc are temporary. If we lose them we can get them back.

    Virtue is immortal. So we need to work on being sincere, gaining knowledge which can be taken away from us. It's our character and knowledge that none can take away from us. These immortal properties if a human being.

    Your character cannot be altered by others or not taken away by then. It's in your hands. If you lose by your own actions then no one can help you get it back.

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    I partially agree with the author. The author is right saying that we earn wealth, enlrage our property, accumulate gold, silver and other tangible items or precious things and we can lose them if we are careless. But our character which we develop over the time and prove us honourable in the sight of the people but practically some people who are jealous of us or have enmity with us may stigmatise our character by false allegations. A poor e rickshaw driver was enmeshed by a greedy couple and got him arrested under serious charges of committing rape with a girl child. Everybody knew that it was a fake case but now that poor man is still in prison for one year.

    As far as knowledge is concerned if we share it with others it will increase and we will be more knowledgeable. New avenue are opened for while spreading our knowledge and learning. However any person hire our knowledge by us salary or money on contract basis. Everything is  on sale. 

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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