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    Do you get irritated when you are constantly reminded?

    Be it home or office, we know what to work and when and whom someone keeps on reminding us the task to be attended, we get irritated. Normally we prioritize the pending works to be attended and want to finish the tasks and in this regard nagging request to do the same work would certainly make us more annoyed. For example when we know the due date for the cell phone renewal why the phone operators keep on reminding us as if we are going to run away from their services. Such calls are annoying and waste our precious time.
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    Companies and service providers use the reminding tool for sustaining their business. Their assumption is that most of the customers forget the dates and time of renewals and though it is very common phenomenon but will effect the company revenue earning and if not affected at least it would be a delayed revenue collection. For a company the revenue coming in is the most crucial and essential part of their business and for getting that in time they will not mind reminding the customer for umpteen number of times. It would be from our side appear as an irritating activity but for them it is an essential one and even if you tell them not to do it they will politely say - yea Sir, but again either give a call or send an email for the same. It is actually their bread and butter and how can they ignore that.
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    Private companies especially service industries are very active now. The author has pointed out reminder from cell phone companies. Their staff is active to keep everything update. All of us have more than one mobile.numbers and use different network. I think Jeo staff is very active in reminding us personally. I am not talking about recorded message which start reminding us that our package is about to finish in a day or two. Some days ago I didn't get my Jeo number recharged for three days then in fourth day I received a phone call from local Jeo office reminding me to get it recharged. I think it is also a reason which keeps Jeo ahead of other competitors.
    I agree with the author that such reminding calls irritate us.

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    The observation of the author is correct, it often happens that some people repeatedly remind us about our own duties or responsibilities and duties. Every person is aware of his works and decides his tasks at his convenience and at his convenience. If seen in household chores, when a woman knows how to and when preparing food, then she makes her work a priority according to her, in such a way that if someone repeatedly reminds her for the same work that she herself does every day without asking anyone then it is natural to get irritated in this way.
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    I definitely will get irritated when someone reminds me constantly to do something. When I know I have to do my work then I will do it even if it gets delayed sometimes due to some reasons but the other person reminding me every now and then will get on my nerves. I think everyone are like that and no one likes to be constantly told what we have to do.
    Also when I am about to do something or have plans of doing something and if the other person comes and tells me to do the same work that I have on my mind, then I will lose the interest in doing it.

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    Yes, the situation arises frequently during office hours as all are on duty. They are assigned such duty to remind the customers about his duty towards their company. But the actual irritation arises when some one remined your duty to complete a specific task when you are on that jobs. I think such situation arises for everyone who are engaged in any official jobs. Every jobs has its normal procedures and it goes through the way but others are always busy with get things by submitting only. Several consequences raised frequently by the act of the customers, they always felt that the staff officers are intentionally delaying. In every sectors even in your own home you must experienced with such reminder situation which is also irritating.
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    That is their business practice. Reminding the customer to recharge is a part of their duties. So the concerned will go on doing his duty. How we prioritise our works, they will also decide whom to call and when to call. Accordingly, they go on doing their works. These calls will be disturbing and some times we may get irritated also. But what the poor employee can do. He is doing his duty.
    When we have to do some work in the house somebody from the house also reminds us of that. They may think we may forget about that in our work pressure. We can't avoid this as for them that work is very important. Some aged persons will go on telling us about their requirement till we do that and show him the proof. If they wanted a medicine they will go on reminding us till we purchase that medicine and give it to him. These are all very common in many houses. We can't change those practices very easily.

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