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    Freedom House degrades India to partly free country.

    Freedom House was established in New York in 1941 and is funded by the United States Government. This U.S.A. funded organization has downgraded India to "partly free" for the first time since 1997 in the annual ranking of democracies in the world. The reason cited is the discrimination against the Muslim population and increased harassment of the critics and journalists writing against India. The foundation listed many events like 2020 religious riots in Delhi, the hardships faced by the migrant labor due to the announcement of sudden lockdown by the Prime Minister Modi, and use of sedition laws against the journalists and critics of the Government. India is one among the 73 countries downgraded. The world is watching and instead of saying our internal matter, time to take corrective actions.
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    The author has brought in an issue which not only degrades our internal issues but also brought defame to our country by their observations which seems to be one sided and not got the reaction of the other side. In fact this govt wants to bring in glorious lives to the under privileged in the Muslim population by giving more funds to Minorities finance commission but unfortunately that funds are not used productively. As regards to harassment of critics and journalists, in the name of right to speak and write some are going against the interest of the country and taking action against them is lawful and why Freedom house was silent when Trump administration banned some channel,s speaking against the admin. It seems all the so called big list given were over exaggerated by the Freedom house to defame India. Why it was silent on covid contain and covid vaccine ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The report of Freedom House is not about India.  It has encompassed all countries of the world and has analysed the status of Freedom of speech, status of democrcy and how human rights are protected in all countries. According to this report only 20% countries have successfully managed to keep freedom of people, rest 80% world is facing corruption in system. Only a few countries like Norway,  Sweden, Finland, Denmark etc  could manage to retain their ratings even France, Britain etc could not retain  their ratings. Their graph has also degraded in this regard. Most astonishing thing is that freedom of house is financed by US government but it has degraded ratings of US also. Earlier it was 95 rating and now it has degraded to 84 whereas Indian rating has fell down from 77 to 67.

    US is being compared to Magnolia.  What US government and all 80% countries should say? Is it not their internal matter ?

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    Mohanji responded in a typical manner. We are living in a global world. The happenings all over the world are known to everyone, thanks to the internet. Too much of nationalism is not going to help us. Our thinking should be rational. We have to learn from criticism and improve so that there will not be any scope for criticism. Our country is downgraded to partially free, we have to make efforts to make our country a free country where the people enjoy full democratic freedom.
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    It is true that we should take the criticism in a corrective and positive ways only. We should become a democratically free country but at the same time we have to stop the appeasement of any community whether it is a minority one or the majority one. National integration and application of same rules all across India are the need of the hour. We have seen from the success of the GST which replaced so many taxes which were simply creating confusions only. Present regime is streamlining the things one by one and some outside global observers might not be able to comprehend the whole story and report something incomplete and give a rating based on their judgement. I do not think that a reforming Govt would care for such ratings from outside agencies. If FDI investments are coming and India's business reputation is increasing, it is a matter of pride for all of us. First time in the History, India has helped the whole world by giving corona vaccine to them otherwise earlier we were begging vaccines from others. In my estimate India's ranking is increasing only.
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    The present US administration is not favoring India and hence we would be bombarded with such reports in future also and we need not give credence at all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So, Mohan at #724757, shall we, on the same analogy, conclude that all the awards that were given to India and our Prime Minister during Trump by different US agencies were just due to the good relations these leaders maintained and were not based on any merit? But, I would like to remind you that you were the first one to raise threads about Modi being recognised by the world whenever such international awards or survey results were announced earlier. Having two set of rules for the same matter is not good. If it was good then, it ought to be good now also.
    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    We should not be oveinflunced with such ratings. The facts may be otherwise and their ratings might not have taken the full episodes of the events and the observations are not based upon the real scenarios. We have to take our own steps to rectify the issues having gone in other ways. In some issues, instead of looking of the helps from other countries such as USA or Europian, we have to take our own stands regardless of their likings/ dislikings . In fact, India should be proud of the talents of our human resources and this needs to be tapped wherever possible to make India self sufficient. In that way with the guidance of the competent people we can make remarkable achievements in numerous fields.
    I like Akshya Patra Yojna initiated in Bengaluru for feeding school kids with our minor donations and this plan has taken the care of many hungry children of the down trodden. This effort has changed the outlooks of many of us in finding out solutions in the event of crisis.

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    There are some organizations in US which is working against the interest of the India and their so called observations are not through detailed studies but through assumptions and media reports.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Freedom House is a Non Government Organisation. It rated India as a free country all these years and only now downgraded to partially free. It's report mentioned many parameters to rate various countries. This foundation measures the degree of civil liberties and political rights in every nation.

    Parents are cautioned from time to time by their neighbours and friends about the children when they find that they are in bad company. The parents do not just ignore such cautions as frivolous. The parents try to find the truth and take corrective action if the cautions are true. Similarly, the Government and the public should try to know the facts and rectify if any lapse is found.

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    The ratings given by freedom to different countries show that their standards of freedom are very high. That is why 80% of the counties lost their rankings and fallen down. Any criticism should be taken positively and discuss the worth of the report and if any changes need to be done should be done. This action should be taken by the government. They may not react to all the reports but they may study to decide on the worth. Let us hope that the government will do the needful.
    Many days some communities in the country are enjoying the minority status and after some increase in their population in the country also, they are still enjoying the tag of the minority. The government should think about the minimum and maximum percentage of the population of a community to get the minority tag and that should be implemented so that justice will be done to all the communities.

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    One of the reasons for downgrading India to partly free is the discrimination against the Muslim population and increased harassment of the critics and journalists writing against India. The Government should take stock of the situation with regard to the report.
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