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    Let's pay property tax to the Almighty

    The human race is the supreme creation of the Almighty because of intellect, reasoning ability, sixth sense, values and many more distinct qualities. The people must understand that taking birth in human form is the greatest gift we have received from God among all the living beings. Certainly then, the life of every human being is his/her personal property, isn't it so? No mortal being has control over one's birth and death, but a person has the opportunity to shape one's life, good or bad, during his/her lifetime. Thus, our life is the most unique and precious property for us that has no comparison. So, why shouldn't people of this world pay tax to God for owning a property called life granted by Him?

    As it's mandatory to pay tax for owning land and building, be it residential or commercial, to the administration, so quite naturally, I feel, people owe personal property tax to God for blessing us with life on this earth. Our life is not like any real estate that we should pay some mandatory revenue as tax to the Lord or make some offerings. To be thankful to God for human birth, we all must remain humane. Let us all spread love and care, must become humble and generous, and we should not promote disrespect and apathy. Not a single human being should misuse life, and we all must pay the property tax to the Lord for blessing us with an entity by rendering responsibilities to humankind and the rest of the planet.

    Let the Divine being feel proud of His supreme creation known as human beings. All of us need to justify God's creation of people by paying humanitarian tax on this planet for the purest property called human life.

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    Totally impressed with the author for choosing a different way of approach to the tow topic and it is the fact that we have to give Guru dakshina for having got the the favor and teaching like that we must be ever grateful to the God for having given the chance to born here with favored characters which were not present in others and that kind of personal property we have and cherish in every moment of life. So we are highly indebted to give the tax in return to the God for the favor done. But no one ever thought on this matter and thanks for author for this wonderful thought provoking write up,.
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    I appreciate the author for writing on this topic. Indeed we are the best creation in the entire universe, even we may become greater than angels provided that we are perfect human beings.
    We have been given all good and bad qualities unlike other living creatures including angels. They don't know negative aspect of character. Human beings have to undergo all phases of life and we are required to keep our treading on right path. Paying gratitude to our Almighty for giving us this beautiful life makes us closer to His mercy. We are to keep reminding us and all for blessings and boons bestowed upon us and are always bestowed as long as we exist in this planet.

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    Yes, as the best invention of God, there is a responsibility of every human being to pay return somethings to our Creator. In Hindu mythology there are various puja system exist to expensed for the God. In the society there are various responsibility fixed by the God to us to look after his creations. Many of us have some ability to do somethings for those who are unable , we need to take care of others in our capacity for their requirement or according to needs. If we do somethings for the sufferers ,then it will be treated we have given somethings to our Creator. All we are doing during our life is recorded in the hands of God, one day every one is bound to go their, then actual judgement will be based on your actual functioning in the hands of God. So if you believe this truth then do some sacrificing social works for the needy people who are dyeing for want of food, treatment, love& affections, that will be the Guru dakshina cum tax to the Creator. Thanks for the exceptional threat.
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    Yes. There is no doubt that humans are the best creations on the earth by God. They have many superior qualities which were not there for other living beings. We should be thankful to God for this. How can we show our gratitude to God? How can we pay back to Him for his blessings. Definitely not by visiting places of worship and paying tributes there. You can worship Him and pray Him for your house itself. But you can pay him the property tax by serving the poor and needy. We know many people who utilised their lives for uplifting the lives of the people. We know about Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Vivekananda. Everybody can't become like them. But one should learn how to serve mankind. Many people are suffering a lot. By helping the needy within the abilities of us and try to serve the poor so that they will have some good times. That is the best way of paying property tax to the Almighty.
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    A nice thread that has a very important message. The problem with us is we remain focused on ourselves and think only of ourselves though the world is a place for all. We call ourselves human despite not having a humane nature. We forgot the basic things and that's why there is anarchy everywhere. We are paying a price for that, which you may say as paying a fine for not paying the tax in time.

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    The concept of paying respect and thanks to God is well presented by the author and it is true that being the only intelligent life form on this planet Earth it is our duty to spread kindness and love among the fellow beings and that will be the real worshipping for the God who had created this resourceful place for the human dwelling. At the same time we have to preserve the environment also and should not spoil it as it is the source of all happiness in our lives.
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    Great Sadhya. Your views are really impressing. I am reading your message now after it is selected as the Winner of TOW.

    Great that you have come up with different thoughts. Yes, it's our responsibility to pay property tax to the almighty.

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