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    Can we do the routine and monotonous jobs in innovative and interesting ways?

    Many people are very creative in their lives and would engage in such activities. Creativity is a path and means to achieve some output which could be in physical form or in other forms like learning and enhancing one's knowledge. In doing creative work the additional advantage is the satisfaction and happiness that is derived from completing that particular activity or task. Being creative is not at all difficult but it requires zeal, focus, and concentration in an area where one is having not only interest but one can find newer and creative ways to proceed ahead with more momentum. A question is generally asked whether the routine work is also a creative work or it is a monotonous and boring one. So, my answer to that is that if we do the routine work also in newer and more efficient ways incorporating elements of learning and improvisations then it also becomes interesting and creative in its nature. Only thing is we have to take it a challenge for finding new innovative ways to do those so called routine jobs. That is definitely one way to generate more interest in that. Do you also think that we can do the routine and monotonous jobs also in an innovative and interesting ways?
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    It is imperative that one has to be innovative and creative in every approach so that the ultimate aim to improve our job performance and retain the customers. For example if a person works in big textile mall and if a customer approach for the particular brand of material or saree, normally when you say no stock or not available the customer get annoyed. But at the same time when you say that the lot was damaged hence removed from the sale and please wait for few days. Though this is also a denial of not giving that particular product, but the customer gets convinced that quality checking is done before delivering the items. These are the small marketing techniques through which the regular customers gets more attracted and attached to such big brands as they even wait for the same product to buy again.
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    Finding a new way to solve an old problem is also an innovation. We have problems and we have solutions. We have destinations. Finding new routes to reach destinations is also a very useful innovation and will be helpful to many people. The destinations will be the same but the paths will be new. Finding a new path is always interesting to research.
    In the olden days, people used to think going to Kasi is once in a lifetime work and there is no surety that we will come back to our own place after visiting Kasi as it was taking a lot of time. But now flights are available and morning you start and at night you are back in your home city after having darshan in Kasi, Here Kasi is the destination always. But the mode of travel is different.
    We have many such works. We used to byheart tables so that multiplications will e easy. But these days you have calculators. So there is no necessity. Like this finding new ways to do works done in a different way earlier is always an interesting issue.

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    One who is creative can not sit idle. He will bring new ideas. The author has written about routine work which appears to be monotonous because it is always performed in the same usual way. I think a person can use his creative knowledge but few points are to be considered. Like which post he is holding , what is the nature of his job, how his innovative way will affect work, working environment and performing work. I don't think there are very good chances of creative changes in routine work. Such a person is suitable in R&D where staff has to invent new ideas about how to flourish business and how to cover entire market with their products.
    Some years ago a movie of Amir Khan, Sharad and Madhavan hit the silver screen. It was Three Idiots. Amir Khan played the role of a creative person. He challenged the conventional system of teaching engineering. He was against getting highest marks in the class. He wanted to tell students that they should learn something new instead of focusing on how to get maximum marks by parroting the conventional method of study. It is worth watching.

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