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    Behind every successful attempt there lies the experience

    If we get jealous and feel annoyed over others performance consistently it is not their luck or other favorable factors but their sheer past experience which comes handy to decide before taking any decision or finishing the work. This would be evident in companies when the same problem is addressed and redressed in different way as per the understanding capacity of the person at the helm of affairs. The more the matured way of understanding the things from the beginning the better would be the decision making process to the next stage.
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    We should never feel jealous or get annoyed at our colleagues working in the same organisation where we are working. It is their hard-working, intelligence and dedication which bring them favour like promotion, increment in salary or at least appreciation from the management.
    We need to improve our performance and polish our manners. It will bring great changes in us. Our confidence level will also improve.
    We need to have positive thinking to remain in race and healthy competition. Time teaches us a lot . It gives us experience too. This experience should be our guide to improve our performance and working capacity.

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    There is no substitute for experience. The whole knowledge of the world is at one side while the experience stands erect in other side still taller than all. We gather experience through struggle and hard work and it helps us in the same situation in future and we can simply repeat the show and get the results. A surgeon becomes experienced only after doing so many mistakes in operation theatres. A teacher becomes experienced only after teaching for a long time. A housewife delivers tasty food after a long practice only. One can gain experience only through sincere efforts. Just observing others working would not add any experience in us. It surely requires us to work and involve in the process. Experience is a great thing but it does not come to us so easily.
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    Experience alone can make us more informed and more connected.
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    Though many of us boast of our academic achievements but while coming in the work field, we may come across an ambitious situations without the real experience in the areas of our job. I am speaking with reference to my work experience of steel plant where I have seen many workmen in the Blast Furnace area giving their right solutions in case of emergency situations. You will no more find their earned experience in any engineering text books but once the same is implemented in some critical situation, the result would be quite amazing. It is because there exists a relationship of our honest labour and our experience. Experience is the ultimate result of our own observations in the work related areas and as such it is far more useful than the contents written on the text books.

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    Feeling jealous will only pull us down. We should never feel jealous of others achievement. If we are jealous, we are constantly thinking of the person we are jealous of and his success. This will not let us move forward in doing what we what. Also, by being jealous we will only try to do more than that person and for the sake of competing with him and not for really achieving what we want. So always better to leave jealousy, embrace others success with a smile and also continue doing what we really want to do. This way we will have more experience to learn also.

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    Agree with the author, yes It is true that the successive successes of others have sometimes become a matter of envy or jealousy for some people and people fall into this inferiority complex and choose the path of failure for themselves. While every successful person has been able to achieve that success after a long process and hard work, others should understand this. When we do not have a negative attitude for the experiences of failure, we try again for success with the help of that experience, then one day we get success.
    Swati Sharma

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    Success will never come on its own. Luck may favour you once or twice but not always. A successful person will be a person who while heartedly tries for that. He works hard, tries everything and will not leave any stone unturned for being successful. Such persons will be successful in their lives.
    When you take up an issue and try to go ahead with your experience and knowledge will definitely come in handy to decide the road map for reaching the destination. Some bosses who are at the helm of the affairs will not completely commit themselves to the cause. They will have their self goals also. They decide the route based on their thoughts. Some will go purely by the issue and try to make the best plan. But some will have their personal agenda and it will find a place in their decisions and their paths to solve the issues. The mentality of the individual will definitely play an important role in these issues. No two persons will think of similar lines and act similarly.

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