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    Attached Detachment: best path to the priceless properties of love, affection and compassion

    There is a wealth of evidence through the electronic media such as Youtube videos and also published literature that only those who acquire wealth through perfectly legal and fair means and then re-distribute it to vast sections of the population through direct and indirect means are the best people who get love and affection in return. Their compassion is there for all to see. Two outstanding figures who are simple advocates of this policy and carry the priceless properties of love and affection on a very wide scale are Mr. Azim Premji of WIPRO and Mr. Narayamurthy of Infosys. Whatever impact they have created on a huge scale is far removed from purely commercial considerations. Their values are case-studies in sociology and in many B-schools.

    Such people and countless others like them practice what is called attached detachment. They work so hard but their lives are based on ethics. They are attached to the hard work that goes along with the pursuit of wealth, but wealth is a mere by-product of their hard work and sincerity.; it is never an obsession.

    Let us all emulate them and do our bit to the society, through attached detachment. Only then can we have a world where equity and equality are there, at least to some extent. Let us practice attached detachment in a similar fashion. We have too many case-studies of too many people in this regard. We owe it to our children as well. We need to demonstrate to them that attached detachment is the best policy in life that will enable them to show compassion for others and get the priceless properties of love and affection. For, no one ever carries anything on his or her head when he or she is gone from this world.

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    Both these big busiessmen are known for their charity and working for common people. They are torch bearers for others who are big businessmen like them.
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    The author has taken a very good connect to the tow topic by choosing the attached detachment theory through which two great stalwarts of business could excel and yet they were normal human beings. If the business is done through the ethics and policies surely the company would surge with lots of development and the shareholders would be happy, Over the period of time these two companies have earned international reputation and they have become the teaching subject in the business schools. We are bestowed to have such good professional business persons amid us.
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    An excellent post from the author. The two examples he cited are real heroes in society. They are very famous for their ethics and morals. They may e working very hard but they never left these good qualities. They earned money. But they never worked for that.
    In my village, there is a small Limited company whose turnover will be about 20 to 25crores per annum. The promoter of the company is so principled he never left the path of morals and ethics. Even though he is a businessman he never hesitated to give medicines free of cost to the poor and needy. He paid money to many poor students for their education and today they are all well off. But nobody knows to whom he was helping. Only after his demise, people started telling him what are helps they got from that gentleman.
    He did so many services to the village and he funded a school in the village. He donated money for many people for constructing their own houses. His business went off well and eared profits but he never worried about that. Now his son is continuing the business.

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    Yes Sir. It is great to learn from you about one such person. When we work so hard and earn money, it should always be our policy to give a portion of it to charity. When we do so, since we are very much within the law of the land and every paise is in white, it does add tremendous value. The TVS group of Chennai is one such group. Nothing is done through cash. Even for small accounts, the payment is only made through credit transfer of the concerned SB account. Hence the IT fellow knows everything and it is impossible to cheat anyone. We need more and more companies and individuals who follow such policies. The world will be a far better place to live in. We need far more ethics in our society.

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    It is really an excellent article raised by the author. We have seen many stalwarts having passion for earning money for their own satisfaction. There earnings are definitely huge but the peace is far way due to their thinking. On the other hand, there are some personalities as indicated by the author having their goals to do something for the upliftment of standards of mankind. These two stalwarts are dedicated to their professional jobs of highest order and they get even suitable compensation for the same. However, they would not sit on deally till their earnings are not invested for the betterment of the common people. They are really great having different outlooks.

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