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    Learn by gathering knowledge from your surroundings.

    Every day after waking up in the morning till we go to sleep at night, we are engaged in some work for about 14 to 16 hours. At this time we do not even know how one day and 16 hours of our lives have been spent.

    If we want, we can give ourselves new learning every day, we can get new experiences every day, and for this, we need to carefully observe the events or things happening around us. If we look carefully, we will understand that we get to learn a lot around us.

    Whether it is an inanimate object or a living being, a child or a grown-up, an object or a process, whether it is water or air, darkness or light...many more examples are there.

    There are many things to learn, and we don't even need the help of any other person to learn them, rather we only need concentration, for the work we are doing and for the activities happening around us.
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    Yes, knowledge is defined as what we learned or understood during every moments. Knowledge has no limitation ,it always show its efficiency to us and maintained with every possible effort. We always gain knowledge while doing every things , some we gained perceptually and some are inadeptly. Perceptual knowledge help to go forward and in depth knowledge help us to do the jobs. Moreover knowledge always guide us to acquire further knowledge to expand ourselves. By experienced one can give knowledge to others , like in the school college the teachers teaches us , in the home the elder advised us, in the office seniors help us to do a particular task etc. Hence from morning to night we all gathering knowledges from every one.
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    It is an observation of the author to learn from all living and non living objects which surround us. I don't have sufficient amount of experience in this regard. However, I learn from people, especially, elderly people even they are illiterate. Their life long experience guides us under different circumstances. Our life itself teach us . There is no need to focus on it, as it effortlessly unfold mysteries. This worldly life ,people, circumstances teach us how to stay firm in this life. How people change their colours quite unexpectedly wonders me.
    Sometimes, small children give us good lessons which dont come in our mind too. But one thing I have learnt that we shouldn't compromise our principles ,ethos, values for some temporal gains.

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    We can learn a lot of things just by observing around us. In fact all the scientific developments and progress happened because some scholars and great persons observed the nature around them and asked themselves a question as why and how that is like that. In finding the answer to that query some new discovery or invention is made. That is the way in which the whole knowledge accumulated today with the human race was acquired.
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    What the author suggest is the keen observation of every matter so that we get doubts and that leads to more gathering of information and building the knowledge base. In this case I want to appreciate small children who keep on asking questions and their keen observations on many matter would baffle us because they wanted to clarify each doubt and keep on knowing things and their grasping power is superb. One thing is sure that we should not boast that we are more informed and learned and that thinking would stop us to explore more and no knowledge gathered in future.
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    That is true. We can observe and learn many things from our surroundings. Many things will be happening around. We should observe them and take a lesson from those happenings so that we will have a better time. When we talk to our friends or hear somebody taking we will get a lot of information and that may be helpful to us in our day to day activities. We should read newspapers and watch TV also. That will help us know what is happening around us. We should go through the internet which will help us in getting much information which we never know.
    We will e seeing many people around us. They will be behaving in different ways with different people and different situations. By observing such people we will also know how to understand the people and how to behave with different people. Some people may be new to us and we may not know them well. But by observing how the people are behaving with that man we will get some understanding about that person and that will be very helpful to us to decide how we should move with them.

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