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    Continuous price hike of fuel and petrol diesel will effect on voting results.

    There are continuous increasing the price of cooking and industrial gas, petrol, diesel since more than six months. No control from the govt. side, even some state govt. has reduced a portion of their tax. In post pandemic situation all middle class are in financial crises and they are forced to incurred more under the tough situation. Most of them are not satisfied with this price hike. More over opposite parties are canvasing by using this sentiment . Now it is the decision of that common man to cast their votes in the coming election. What they will decide is a big factors for the ruling party to stay on the position. What is your opinion under the situation, please share.
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    In India two things have always decided the destiny of the ruling party. The onions and the price of fuel. There are instances in the past when the soaring price of onions has really made the voters shy away from the ruling party candidates and there are instances when the fuel prices took the toll of ruling party. Surely the present situation is alarming as the rising gas price and fuel price has already bothered the common man and many are waiting to take revenge through their votes. If the rising prices are not controlled then they have to face the tune.
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    Mohanji is talking some good sense. The Government of India should heed to his advice and stay safe in the coming elections. As he appropriately said, if the rising prices are not controlled, the people become vexed with that party, and they have to face the angry tune of the public.
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    I am sure, before the elections, the fuel prices would come down to please the voters. Even if it not reduced, the ruling government will not be affected by the voters. All would vote for BJP again as Congress and other parties are not making a good move to win the election. When the opposition is weak, the ruling party has its advantage.
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    In past price hike, corruption, crime hike etc such issues could affect elections decisively but now these or similar issues have lost their relevance. People don't depend on these issues to elect their leaders. Anti-incumbency factor would play pivotal role in elections but Now this factor has lost its attraction. Priorities have been changed. People have other important issues to choose their party or candidate. If the author thinks that people will vote against BJP because of fuel and oil price hike then I would say that people would not go against the ruling party.
    Everybody is free to decide whom he should vote for. I can't predict, I may be proven right or wrong.

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    Definitely, the price hike of fuels will have an effect on the mindset of the voters. Earlier also voters showed their anger against the ruling party and voted against the ruling party. So definitely the price hike of fuel will give a negative effect on the ruling party. They should do something about this and control the prices of fuels. Otherwise, the chances of losing the elections will be high for them.
    Other issues which will have an effect on the voting pattern are corruption, crime rate, essential commodity prices etc. Overall the present situation is not very much in favour of the ruling party. So the voter may think of other parties. This is a chance for congress to revive their party by selecting a strong leader as their president and work with a strategy so that their vote bank will get consolidated. If it is not done there is no alternative to the voters and they may vote for the present ruling party only. Congress party has to rise to the occasion and make their position consolidated.

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    Soudi Minister says India had purchased 16.71 million barrels of crude in April-May, 2020 and filled all the three Strategic Petroleum Reserves created at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Mangalore and Padur in Karnataka. Energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman at a press conference after the OPEC+ decision on Thursday said New Delhi should take some of the crude out of storage that they had purchased at very cheap rates $19 per barrel in last year against present rate $67.44 . There is an opportunity cost for not withdrawing it now. Now if the above statement is correct, it is the responsibility of the government to take necessary action immediately.
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    If the fuel prices increase like this then many commodities which are being transported would also increase in prices and that would be a bad situation. I think Govt has to search some solution to this problem otherwise this would definitely have a bearing on the coming elections. In price rise scenario generally the middle class is a loser because it has limited earning but they want to live like upper class.
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    The underground facilities to store crude are developed for the use of the country in dire necessity. The crude is freely available now and the rate is also less than $65. There is no need to use the crude stored from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. Reduction in the excise duty by the Central Government and the VAT collected by the State Governments need to be reduced.
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    But this aspect should be taken in notice that all these three Strategic Petroleum Reserves created at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Mangalore and Padur in Karnataka have a capacity of 36 million Barol only and our consumption demand is 3 million barol per day it means it might have been exhausted after 12 days. Although government has decided to increase this capacity by 42 million Barol more, yet it has not been managed so far.

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