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    Why is a child acting in movies and serials not considered as a child labor?

    Is the work of children in the entertainment industry overlooked as being child labour? Why are those who act in television programs and movies not considered to be labourers?

    We all know that child labor is discouraged. We have various laws to stop child labor and many NGO's are constantly working towards ending child labor. Anyone who is hiring a small child to do work or a daily wage will be punished and no one will actually give work to a child. But a child might want to work due to various reasons to meet the financial needs of the family or to support the medical expenses etc. Not everyone is born rich and hence there are few people who have to earn on daily basis and small kids under 18 work to support their families. Though we know there are many who are giving awareness against child labor, this has not stopped.

    But I have one question running in my mind. Children working to meet the financial needs of the family are considered child labor. Then why not are children acting in movies or daily soaps treated as child labor? Even children acting in movies or doing Ads are being paid for it were as they will not have any financial crisis also. Showcasing the talent by participating in various shows is different but why is the acting field considered as talent and interest and children are allowed to earn whereas as a child working in any other way is discouraged.
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    As per the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2017fully , a child artist can work for a maximum of five hours per day. This includes rest time in between. Actually as per these laws it is also mentioned that the child should not be asked to work continuously more than 3 hours at a stretch and some rest is essential after that. In addition to this time restriction, permission is also required to be taken from the District Magistrate and security arrangement for the children should also be there. Now it is not clear whether our film industry is adhering to these rules fully or not. Recently the Labour Ministry, GOI has asked some explanations in this regard from the Ministry of I & B and it is expected that Ministry of I & B may issue some directions and advisory in this regard.
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    There are certain laws and rules which are to be followed by the people who are hiring child artists to work in their movies or serials. If they are not following those rules and regulations they are liable to be punished.
    Another issue is that acting will not be considered physical work. It is an art and children can learn them and practice them. That is why we are seeing many programs on TV where children are performing.
    But if the child takes up acting as a profession and works continuously they can do that. The child labour rules are speaking very clearly about the time frame and working conditions. People who are not following them are liable to be punished.

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    Child actors are not child labors. They are child entertainers. They don't strain with any physical labour. They simply act. Only the talented children are made to act or perform shows. Let us not equal child labors with child actors. Many children do not act to earn, but for joy and entertainment or to gain experience. Acting can be considered as education to children interested in that field.
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    Super posting. This is because of our society. In one Tamil movie a comedian tells,'unakku vantha ratham, mathavankalukku vantha thakkali chatniyaa?' which means we consider our problem as blood but others problem as tomato chutney. Like this if rich people send their children to act in films and tv serials nobody questions or raise voice. But if poor sends their children for their bread, it is crime (of course, it is not correct).

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    The author has raised a wonderful topic and it is the fact that children do act in films and tele serials and treated as bonded labors and that amounts to violation of rules but never action being taken. What is more laughing matter is that the central film censor board members watch those films and yet does not ask for any cut of scenes involving the child labor. Thus the censor board need to be blamed for any such scenes depicted on big and small screen. Surely the child rights protection organization would take up the matter to stop such atrocities in future.
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    I think child labour laws are to protect children from physical labour and their undue exploitation. But the important question is not taken seriously why parents send their children to earn money when they are to be sent to schools . Poverty is a big problems for their parents. Even poor people want to see their children educated and they also want to see them spending a comfortable life in future but what they can do except sending their small children. You can see many poor families in your city that are compelled to send their small children for work.
    A man is bedridden because of some chronic disease . There is no money in home to have food cooked or medicine for sick man. His 8 years old son goes to a shopkeeper and ask him to let him work. The shopkeeper asked him the reason the child told everything to him. The shopkeeper was generous and asked him to do some easy work and then gave him 20 rupees and told him to come from the next day if his parents permit him. It is a real incident.
    Now such a father who is bedridden should send his small child to earn some money?
    I have nothing to say about children of opulent families who come on stage or movies or serials to earn chunk of money and awards

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    The job of an artist is definitely different than that of a labourer but the point is that if someone uses a child for some acting or singing or any such activity for longer hours then it could be assumed that he is taking advantage of the child for earning money. So when we talk of labour act it is mainly to prevent the exploitation of the children in any way art or manual work.
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    The children get awards from various organisations. They receive awards from the president too. In reality shows like super singers, children below 10 sing well and pack up the prices in crores. They are encouraged by the public. They are elected by the public for prizes. For the talented children, acting or performing shows is a part time act.

    The goverment which is against poor child labour helps them to get education and free food. Many poor talented children are also given opportunity to act and participate in reality shows.

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