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    Have you seen roof of houses in America?

    In America, the roofs of almost all the houses are in triangular shape but in India, the roofs of almost all the houses are in a flat shape. The reason for having the roofs in a triangular shape is because the water slides down easily in the rainy season. It allows rain, leaves and any other remains to fall off the roof and away from the structure. The rainwater gets collected on the flat roofs and go through the pipes attached at the corners to the rainwater pit underground but still, some water remains on the flat roof. I literally face issues in the rainy season.

    Do you think in India also we should make our roofs in a triangular shape? Are you facing any problems, especially in the rainy season due to a flat roof?

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    The roof is not flat means you can't construct one more stair on the top. The triangular shape roof is good. No water stagnation and no accumulation of leaves and other waste materials.
    But in India that practice is not there. Once we are sure that we are not going to construct another stair on our house we can think of having a triangular roof. Even in flat roofs also if the mason plans and maintains a good slop towards one direction all the rainwater will flow in that direction and come down through the drainage provided. But if the mason has not done it properly we will have this problem.
    The area in the USA is more and the population density is less. There the housing requirements are less and we see very spacious houses there. ut in our country the population density is very high and we require huge land for housing. Because of the place constraint, we go for multi-storied buildings and that is the main reason for these flat roofs.

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    It is the fact that Americans are most forward thinking people and their every work has the meaning and triangle roof is one of their brain child. But Indians are fond of Vastu and we do not accept any building even for rent which is in irregular shapes. For that reasons our homes are either square or rectangle and not any other angle. We are fond of Vastu shashtra and therefore we are not interested with the roof designs of US or any other country. We beileve in our own destiny and hard work and our architecture is much more famous and arresting than the American designs.
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    Generally their roofs are slant-shaped or are in triagular shape. It could be due to being a cold country where snowfall is common incident. We may see triangular shape houses on indian hills also. You will not see flat roofs there. Because snow is heavy when Sun rises and snow start melting. It changes into water and flows down easily and roofs are not destroyed.
    I dont know if every American is involved in rain-harvesting. Also it may be observed that there are multi-stories buildings have flat roofs. Twin towers which were destroyed on 9/11were the biggest towers had flat roofs. You may see several such buildings having flat roofs in New York and in other cities too.

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    Slanting roofs are preferable in areas where there will be snowfall or heavy rainfall. Their construction cost is more when compared to the flat roofs. No further construction is possible over the slating roofs. The thermal control will be better in a house with slanting roof.
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