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    When a fallen tree can grow again human being take cue from it.

    I was watching while walking down a lane that a fallen tree which was totally been cut from all sides and the thick bark was left long back has now started growing as I could see the small leaves and small branches coming out of the soft surface. Immediately my thoughts ran to the attitudes of human beings who get dejected for one failure or the other but never get reconciled that the blue line in life is possible and bloom would happen sooner or later. Because the challenging period is going to vanish much to the surprise.
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    The thread is intended to give a message that we should never give up while facing all untoward situations or unsuccess. I agree with the author that we should never lose hope . There is dawn after every dark night. Sometimes, we may have serious troubles or problems but we should face them boldly and try to find out solution.
    When I fell in a deep trouble someone whom I respect a lot advised me that you should take good food, have sound sleep and then think how to solve this problem you are facing. I liked his suggestions. When we go at wits end then we are lost of ideas or planning about how to face any problem. Our perseverance, consistency , courage keep our hopes alive and enable us to face every challenge boldy

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    For every problem, there will be a solution. One should not get dejected instead try to find a solution. what is the point of worrying and not finding the ways to solve it. And our worries and tensions will keep us far from solving it. So we should always have patience, be cool and think of ways to solve a problem and then we will definitely see the results. Also, if we fail we will know the way that made us fail and we will have many different path to success. We have to get up if we fall instead of lying were we are. Growing is in our hands, learning from our experience and finding positive ways is in our hands also being dejected once we fail, not doing anything and spoiling the rest of the days is also in our hands. We should be clever enough to pick up the right path and move on.

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    There is a lot for us to learn from nature. Especially saying about trees. Even a small part of the root is stuck in the soul, it will come back to life again. We see many pictures of trees growing strangely in between the broken rocks.

    We can observe that even a small support is more than enough for them to grow back even after it fallen completely.

    So as human beings are the most gifted living beings on the earth, we have the ability to think. We should also fight for life. We should never lose hope. We are not alone in this world. We will find ways to live.

    Only thing we should understand is all that death is the biggest problem. In front of it no there problem is bigger. So we should fight for the life.

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    There are always ways to learn from our failures but unfortunately we become depressed very often due to our failures. We cannot think of other ways for the time being. The author has presented a nice report how leaves could be seen in a tree lying on road after having cut the same. It is really interesting to note that the nature has provided its blessings in the hours of distress to many creatures in the similar ways as noticed in the case of trees. Hence our hopes should not diminish at any point and only with our positive approach, we can regain success.

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    As long as the roots are intact with the mother earth the chances for a tree to grow again are pretty. We see many such trees. Even in some houses cut the branches so that the tree will grow strong and will have deep roots into the earth.
    As mentioned by the author, a human being who suffered big blows in his life can also rise again in his life, if his basics are strong. I have seen some families who were in a very bad shape managed their lives with proper planing and raised themselves in society by making good decisions and implementing them in their house.
    I know a family in my native place who last all their property in some court cases and no way to live on. In such case both the wife and husband took a decision and started catering services and cooking services. They earned a very good name as a good service provider and any small function in that area they will be consulted first for catering services. Now they are in a very good position. Purchased a house and their two children were settled in good jobs and the couple is doing good business. It all depends on how strong you are in your mind?

    always confident

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