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    It is better to get updated developments around us

    I have shifted my residence by January end. Due to exigencies 50% and negligence 50%, I delayed in giving intimation to our post office, as I held up in office itself for the past five days. I never failed to do this earlier. But yesterday a speed post came in my name at the old address. The postman called me over phone and asked me to collect the same with proof from the post office. I met the post master. By giving the letter of intimation I told her about the speed post came in my name. She realized and told me that Chang of address intimation could have been done through email itself. Really it is a news to me. We,especially senior citizens, should visit such important offices frequently and can gain such developments. I learnt this today and shared here.
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    It is the matter of fact that we must get updated about the developments around us and we do not know what changes are taking place when we stay put inside. For example there was an SBI ATM nearby my house and suddenly we found the ATM removed from the place. They have not even informed nor pasted any notice on the door. Suddenly I happen to visit a nearby shop and found the ATM shifted beside that shop. I was annoyed over this shifting because many like me are looking for ATM and it was shifted without information,
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    True. We should get updates regarding the developments that are taking place around us. Many such developments will be very useful to us and come in handy when there is a need. We should see that we will get all the developments known to us Once we are aware of the developments we can use them when there is a need.
    These days we can do many things online by sending emails or by visiting the sites and doing the needful there. There are many apps developed for various functions and by downloading those apps we can do the works on our smartphone itself. That is a big development.
    Many seniors are not aware of these developments and the younger generation may not tell us unless otherwise, e ask them. Sometimes they will not inform us even after asking many times. So we should consult our friends or relatives or go through the internet so that we will be in touch with all the developments that are taking place. I pay all my bills online only and all bank transactions online only. Very rarely I visit a bank.

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    I agree that we should get our information updated as the author has mentioned about what problem he faced for changing his address. I think if young boys in the family take this responsibility to keep information updated it will be a big help for elderly people. After all they must be related to the elderly people by any relationship.
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    Nowadays many information are coming through SMS or email or are available in the online portals of the corresponding department. Some of them have their call centres and 24/7 helplines also where information is available. The only problem is that the elders, especially who earlier were not much exposed to the digital devices and online world, find it difficult to cope up with searching of so much myriad of information strewn in the net and it is easier to visit the concerned office if it is nearby and get the doubts cleared. Interestingly, the office people also do not know many things and once you ask them something they refer to the online portal and tell us the same thing.
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