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    Stop look and proceed is traffic signal and Stop think and act is the life

    Our life can be compared to traffic signal where in the three different lights denote stop , look and proceed. Likewise in life also we must follow the same principles with difference namely every task should be thoughtfully started, then think wisely and act accordingly. Like the traffic signal regulate the road users from four directions to behave orderly, the life should also be orderly with trust, belief, agree and do. While the traffic signals are manned by lights. the life has to be manned by inner thoughts of self behavior.
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    Frankly speaking, I have never thought about traffic lights how they can be compared to our lives. I appreciate the author to think in this innovative way about traffic lights and applying to our lives. Thanks.

    I agree that we should not make haste in taking decision or acting upon any project or work without proper planning or without considering pros and cons. This is a good message of the thread. If we are alert about every happening in our life we can protect ourselves and others from any danger.
    Life doesn't give us another take. It is confined in only single take. As in movie a scene can be shot in different takes if the director is not satisfied and the actor will have to.perform again and again unless his best performance comes out. But in real life we have only one take.

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    The author appears to be experiencing some kind of bout, consciously or unconsciously, that is drawing him to the past. The thought by the author is, no doubt, appreciable but he had brought up the same topic for discussion earlier in this thread Stop, look and proceed. This traffic signal proverb suits our life too!. May be due to the uniqueness of the idea, I could distinctly recollect having read about this topic, though it was not recent, and also that it was by the same author, as soon as I came across this thread. Surprising. Right?

    I am keeping this thread open, for the time being, as a reminder to the author and also to give him a chance to give his explanation, if any, to my point.

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    We create topics based on observations and not referring to our past records as to when and why submitted similar threads. May be ISC can reject but we have the right to append.
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    Life is like a non stop moving vehicle. I would say that to be successful in life, one has to think well, plan well and execute well.
    Think -Plan-Execute (TPE) are the three different life lights that helps us to achieve our goals and reach the height in our life.

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    We should appreciate the Lead Editor for recollecting the thread posted almost more than 3 years back. How he could remember this? Very surprising.
    My view of our life is to think and act. I think we need not stop other works. We can continue the works but when we have to start a new assignment let us think and make a plan and act accordingly. That should be the way we have to work.
    These days we will not have that much time to think and act in many cases. We may have to rush otherwise we will miss the bus. When people are running if you walk you can't beat them. So it all depends on the situation and the issue. Some issues we may have to respond to immediately whereas some issues can wait. When we want to book a railway ticket when we open the site there will e many tickets but when we start booking we see the number of seats reduced. In such cases, we may have to go fast.

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    #724819, what a lame excuse! Mohan, maybe, I would not have brought this up had it been by a different author. We do observe similar things almost daily but that does not mean that we raise a thread on the same point on a daily basis. And just check out the striking similarity in the title and the content. The question is not whether you accept or not, I have no other way but to bring it to your notice so that you are more careful while creating topics based on observations. Please spare some time to type a few keywords in our search box and search for similar topics before you submit a thread, especially if you are entertaining even an iota of doubt.
    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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