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    Do you agree a meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words?

    When a situation is grim or volatile, a single word simply may spark the fire. The single word may give different meanings to the group of persons or individuals involved in that quarrel. Instead of talking meaningless words in that situation if you maintain silence, at least peace will prevail. Silence never adds fuel to fire and it doesn't aggravate the situation. Silence will allow you to think in a positive way and it will allow you to get at a good solution for the problem. Silence is a better weapon than an argument with the wrong people. What are your deep thoughts about this great thought and I like to add your explanation?
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    I appreciate the author for posting this thread. I agree with the author and I am sure that nobody can disagree with him. Silence is always better than useless talk but the author has some serious say in this topic . It is not just meaningless words rather it is the prov

    provocative remark or comment or dialogue which can instigate people to create disorder, mayhem and violence. Such activity whether it is verbal or written is highly fatal for peace and harmony of the society. It may pollute social environment. Only wrong people or hate-mongering may like this type of activity.
    It is our responsibility to create a civilised society by underming such anti social activities.

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    By telling meaningful silence the author tried to say that we may join the issues instead of keeping mum all through the matters and issues but losing words on meaningless matters do earn the wrath for nothing. But in these competition and challenging days when we keep silent and mum, the society thinks that we are the loser and can be sidelined. But for being selective in getting into reactions, it would be proved that we are not the easy person to deal with as thought by the others. One thing is sure we have to behave as per the persons and place where is demanded coupled with timely reactions.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author. Silence is the best tool when the situation is not in your control. When there is a problem or an issue and if two are quarrelling if we go in between and talk about something that may enhance the problem or one of them may become an enemy to you and start fighting with you. That is why before we utter a word we should think and understand the whole situation and analyse the situation. When we are sure that our words are not going add ghee to already existing fire only we should talk about something. Otherwise better to be silent.
    When there is no value to your words and when people never give importance to your words, speaking something is of no use. Many times we try to suggest something but nobody will be ready to take those suggestions. In such a case what is the use of telling him?
    But sometimes elderly persons should suggest to young people about the way they have to conduct themselves. Otherwise, seniors will not be doing their duty properly. There are many instances where people opted for silence even though they have a chance for them to speak and allowed families to ruin.

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    Words are meaningful if the same is appreciated by the public domain. They would definitely understand the underlying logic of the statement.However, there may not be such an ideal situation always say in case of sudden death of a family member and people from the different corners of city have assembled to mark the obituary. The gatherings would not like to utter any word for fear of being targeted by some people present over there though your words may not appear aggressive at the first instance but the same could be analysed in a different way enough to precipitate tension. Hence under that situations, silence is the best thing to be followed.

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