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    Avarice of property doesn't last long

    Man is the slave of desires. He is greedy to earn chunk of money and have large property but some people are ultra greedy. They are blindfolded of accumulating money and expanding their property. They dont see what is right or what is wrong and what is lawful or what is unlawful. They just want to have heap of money, large buildings and all luxuries. Their greed is unsatiable They don't hesitate to snatch the land or property of weak and poor people. They don't feel shy away while facing condemnation or curse of the wretched and hapless people. They are ready to face police and court because of their opulence. Their greed is unending and unsatiable. But when they die they leave this temporal life empty-handed. They leave all their property to their family or relatives who pounce upon it like hungry wolves. What did they get by snatching the right of others? nothing but a two metre shroud and their body was burnt on pyre or burried under the tons of mud. I feel pity for them who left this transient world with burden of other people's wailing and moaning and disappeared in obscurity like 'an empty-handed poor man'.
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    ^This is my entry for TOW (property) contest

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    Some people are habituated to accumulate the properties as if they are going to stay in the earth for ever and permanent and when we die what we require is the six yard land for burial. Not knowing this reality some people go on minting money and build assets virtually snatching the same at the throw away prices . I know one investor who keeps on purchasing and selling properties from those who make distress sales and thus he gets benefited hugely as the action was timely but a the cost of demeaning the property value.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is correct. When we came here we came with empty hands and when we go away from here we go with empty hands. So in between during our stay here why should we be so greedy and accumulate so much property? We don't know what will happen to it after our demise. The accumulated money can't enhance your life by a second even. Unnecessarily we will be wasting our energies in earning that money and that will be spent for no reason by our next generation people after our demise.
    So one should know the value of time and they should also know how to get a good name in society so that people will remember us for our good deeds even after our death. It is always better to do some good deeds like helping the needy and living peacefully so that we will not be cursed by anybody.
    A good post from the author in which he explained the facts of life.

    always confident

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