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    The future is bright when our behaviour is right

    People are always worried about the future instead of the present situation as to what would be stored in for them. In that context, they try to take such actions and matters which are surely connected to the secured future and that includes their behavioural pattern that should be on the right path to progress. Our behaviour alone decides our character, our personality and our acceptance in society and that would stand as the asking factors against others who are likely to be defeated by us and therefore behaving correctly and properly has become the requirement of the day.
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    It is a known fact that people respect us and remember us only when our behaviour is cordial and respectful to others. Behaviour is the key to inter personal relationship. At the same time behaviour alone will not make us successful in life as that is only a modality to follow superficially. What is required is a commensurate action behind that behaviour. We are gentle in our approach but do not extend help to others so our generosity will not be distinctly seen by other people in absence of the concrete actions behind our smiling faces. Hence good actions along with good behaviour is what people never forget in their lives.
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    I agree that people are worried about future for themselves, their family and even about their job and how we go about it decides our future actions too. We are to deal with different people around us and it is applied to all of us. It is not related to only a person. Our behaviour plays a very important role in shaping our present and future. We have to have creativity which enables us to bring about new ideas how to deal in different prevalent situation in social and working environment. We interact with various people- known or unknown and how to get our work done or get Idea materialised with their help lie in abilities of monouvering the situation.
    Some people come back from back to front position by their amazing skills which excel them along with other people. They are able to introduce new paradigm to rest of the people.Such people are found in limited number, else mostly are found as followers only.

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    Behaviour is always an important factor to progress in our lives but not the only determining factor for a bright future. Actually the term bright future is somehow an indication of how people progress in the path of their career where along with behaviour one has to take appropriate actions at appropriate times. Good behaviour may be an indication of how well one will progress in life but not the only factor.

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    Behaviour is very important for our success in life. Sometimes we feel that we are not successful as we are very cautious and we never deviated from the path of ethics. But success without ethics and morals is never advisable. Today you feel that you are successful but definitely, you will experience the effect of going on the wrong path tomorrow or the day after.
    If the situation is about our growth in career, in addition to your behaviour your efficiency and your ability in addressing the problems will have a big say. Behaving correctly alone will not bring you success. You have to act as per the requirement and show the results then only your progress in your career is possible.

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