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    Many housewives have learned the online video conferencing

    Due to the corona pandemic there was an accelerated use of online facilities and even the small children were attending their classes online using a smartphone or laptop. The past one year has seen unprecedented activity as online meetings, conferences, education, office work etc and people who were not very familiar and aware about the video conferencing facilities have learnt it during this time when there was no other option available. Many housewives who did not have any exposure to these things have also learnt as how to connect through the apps the school classes and ask the small children to sit there and take their lessons. I have observed that many housewives have been benefited to that extent and have learned these things in a default mode as the compulsion of learning these basic online techniques was looming on their head as they had to guide the children. Some of them are now using it for a collective online chanting of religious songs also. Some groups are arranging a group chit-chat online session also. Have you also observed this indirect benefit accrued to the housewives in general?
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    We have swim with the tide and not against the tide goes the old proverb and the house wives were rose to the occasion and aptly learned the intricacies of video conferencing as the children are being taught through online and teacher connect through the online has become important. Moreover the apps available at the disposal had made the task more easy as may parents can join together and ask the teacher about child performance and other doubts. That means India is now ready for online schools of future that can be reasonable and affordable unlike more fees being collected in the name of real school activities.
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    As it is said that necessity is the mother of invention. It is true that pandemic affected human life on a very large scale. Work from home and online classes were arranged for students and It was a big experience for concerned people. This pandemic taught us how to live in untoward situation and how to survive in difficult circumstances. Use of internet for online classes not only affected students but also their parents as the author has pointed it out that many housewives helped their children in their online study. And it's good to know that they learnt something new and they don't require any help from their husband to help their children in this regard.
    Some smart housewives learn how to prepare new dishes and how to cook food of different countries and culture. They are learning new cooking style . It is a great experience for them. When they come with dish which her family members have never eaten in their entire life it gives them pleasent shock. Now internet has changed life immensely. Even the ladies who remain at home and don't go out of their homes this internet has become a great source of knowledge and learning skills for them. I think every housewives should spend their time on internet also. If they have some skills they can shoot their videos and can upload on internet and probably they may earn some handsome amount too.

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    It is true that many ladies have got this new exposure and learned the online video handling with ease. While telling and helping to children they have learned a great deal themselves. I have heard many ladies now talking to each other or sharing their concern that they have only that much GB of data left out and whether they would be able to go on for that online video chat for another half an hour or so or not. It is a good thing to see that development.
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    Even though there are many negative points and losses due to COVID 19, there are some positive points also. Before Corona, online education was not catching up in our country. But when it has become a necessity everybody accepted that and started attending the classes online.
    Online meetings have become the order of the day for our office works and many new sites have come from where you can have video conferencing. The people working in IT got accustomed to these online meetings and then it has gone to other areas also.
    During this pandemic, we are not able to meet people so the same meeting sites are being used for having a meet with friends and relatives. So housewives also learned the technic of conducting the meeting and also attending the meetings. Now they know how to schedule a meeting and how to create links and sending them to the participants. They are even watching their children when the children are participating in meetings and learning from them.

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