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    Popular leaders should contest from one constituency only

    In the recent past we have seen that popular leaders who need not even campaign and can win easily due to their mere presence in the politics have chosen new fashion of standing in the elections at various places thereby pleasing the regional voters. But they are causing huge loss to the nation as they have to retain one seat and remaining has to be foregone for re-elections and the EC should not allow such waste of national money. What is your view on this subject ? Do you support multiple seat contest by the leaders.
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    Why popular leaders only? The election laws may be amended to allow a person to contest from one seat only. Contesting from two seats and then resigning from one seat means another by- election from the seat vacated. This is waste of public money and time also.
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    Normally popular leaders have apprechensions about their win and thus chose multiple seats to contest.
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    Mohanji, do you support a person to contest from two seats? Whatever their confidence or lack of it may be, it is costing public money and time. Is it not a criminal waste? Such practices should be disallowed.
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    I agree with this suggestion of the author. There should be proper guidelines for all candidates that none of them may choose more than one constituency. I think no leader whether he is well-known or unknown leader, none of them should be allowed to do so. When they resign from one seat by-elections are held which increase unnecessary burden on economy and ultimately people have to bear all these expenses.
    An idea comes in mind if it is applicable that such a leader will have to bear all expenses of by-election of their respective constituency. It will stop them from contesting elections from more than one constituency.

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    Yes, not only popular leaders but all contestants, irrespective of their popularity, should be permitted to contest from one seat only as said by KVRR @#724821. When the candidate wins two seats one has to be vacated and that's a wastage of public money as well as a betrayal to the voters. The voters also feel betrayed if a candidate wins from a seat and then deserts it because when they cast their votes in favour it was that candidate whose face was flashing in their minds. The EC has to take a call on this particular issue.

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    It is really ridiculous as why this strange provision is there. It may be beneficial for the person only and does not appear logical from any point of view. Election commission or parliament who ever is authorised to make changes should actually consider changing this old fashioned rule. Even if a person loses in election he can be taken by the Govt in Rajya Sabha or can be absorbed in some other way in the ministerial position based on his credentials.
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    I say nobody should be allowed to contest from more than one place. If he wins both the places, he has to keep one and resign for the other one. That will call for reelection in that constituency and that will be very costly. A huge amount of public money will get wasted in that reelection. Why should we waste it?
    Another accept I have seen is an MLA contesting for the MP post. When he wins he will resign from the MLA post and that is again a waste of money. A person who is presently an MP or MLA should not be allowed to contest till his existing term is completed.
    These days we are seeing MLCs contesting for MLA post and again election for that vacated MLC post. Even though the expenses for MLC election are less the election commission should not encourage such practices. If necessary, amendments to the acts can be brought in so that public money will not get wasted in the process and that money can be utilised for some development works.

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    Yes, many leaders contested from more than one seats to stay in the winning list. There are no such provision to restrict them from contesting more constituency. But in coming election in West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to contest from the 'Singur' constituency only which is not in kolkata but under hooghly district and local ex. trinomul minister Suvendu Adhikary who has been resigned now, is the opposite BJP party candidate against Ms Banerjee. The contest will be very competitive. Both the candidates are popular and single conteste. People is the real court, they can act accordingly against those Multisitters
    Candidates under democracy.

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