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    Govt. inspiring the younger generation towards the greed for free power by announcing free schemes.

    Our govt. is distributing cash and items through various free schemes to a group of people from the hard-earned money of the taxpayers. As a results necessary development works of the country affected. In the others side govt. imposing extra tax burden. The young generations are receiving cash and others consumable at free of cost and going towards the greed for free power easily. I think govt. should provide earning opportunities for them rather than these bad habits for the future of the country. Please share your views.
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    When elections are conducted in any state political parties offer freebies to allure voters. Why there is no check on political parties for announcing freebies packages? Instead if they offer jobs opportunities to young people it will be appreciated.
    Now the question is if freebies are really bad? I think it's not bad at all. When these elected members of parliament or state assemblies select freebies for themselves along with their big salaries and other perks including pension facity then why freebies for young people may be considered as waste of money or extra burden of taxes. All people pay Indirect taxes to governments and some minor part of people pay direct taxes also. What is wrong if an unemployed young man is given some allowance or what is wrong if widows or helpless old people are also given some freebies or small amount of pension or what is wrong if poor people are given some small amount or some freebies?

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    I do not know where the young generation is receiving cash and other items for free in our country though there are certain sections of the population for whom many such schemes are in place. It is because of their economic condition. Development is not hampered when the government provides benefits to some people based on their status on the economic and social front and the job of every government is to look after the people. Everyone has to remember that development doesn't only mean building large structures or bringing new investments it also has to be seen that development reaches every people. It's true that getting things for free can make people lazy and greedy and the government must think of ways to generate jobs for all but at the same time it has to be seen that the economic condition of the poor and downtrodden is uplifted. The schemes should target those section and it must be seen that benefits are reaching them and not going to the wrong hands.

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    This is a big problem and an anomaly in our system that we are luring the people with goodies or cash at the time of election or even much before it. It is definitely a bad trend. If this continues it is nothing but spoiling the young generation and once they know the weakness of these people who are distributing these doles, they will exploit them in future also whenever such opportunity comes to earn something without working.
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    Govt. is providing Food through rationing system, free education and free treatment which is the basic needs. Some states there are parallel schemes of the state government also for the same. Apart from those others benefits like unemployed grant, direct benefits to students, Cultivators, pregnant women's etc etc. should be stop and may be utilised for employment generations purposes. All sources of govt income are to the cost of the citizens or country in the form of direct and indirect tax etc. Govt. should utilised these for infrastructures and related fields in proper way. we should not forget the example of the country 'Venezuela' where the position of that county is today due to wrong decision of their govt.
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    These free schemes are making people lazy. In AP recently I have seen many such schemes. The husband is a retired private employee who worked in a senior position and retired. He is an IT payee even today. But his wife will have a white card. She will get free rice and some other free items and some items by paying a very meagre amount. In a family, if there are three members, three of them will have some pension that is being given by the government. Both wife and husband will get an old-age pension and the third person will also get the pension if he is above 60. Like this many people can manage their lives without doing any work.
    Now some states started giving unemployment pension. So some youth will get this money and they will be happy. If both the wife and the husband gets this pension means they need not worry about getting a job. The government should show work and see that people will work to get their food. Instead of if the government gives items free and distributes money like it is wherefrom the government gets its funds.

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