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    The property never remains the same, it changes hands too

    Let me begin with an example. Suppose you own a property and decided to sell it to somebody else someday. In that case, the property changed hands. If you do not sell it nobody can guarantee that your children or grandchildren or a legal heir will not sell it someday. Therefore, it can be said property does not remain in the same hands forever. Now think of another property which is popularly known as characteristics of any matter. Whether it's the characteristics of animate or inanimate things it cannot remain the same forever. Think of water, a colourless, odourless liquid that takes up any shape according to the structure of its container. At a certain temperature, it turns into ice that has a different characteristic and at another temperature can also turn into vapour having a set of other characteristics. So you can see how the characteristics of a matter change in accordance with the situation. Now if we look at the changing characteristics of human beings at times we are surprised how it changes so fast. I don't think I need to give an example of it. Though we don't want people to change their characteristics it changes on various occasions depending upon certain situations.

    So, it can be said that property never remains the same when the term refers to the characteristics of any material and when the term refers to possessions then also we see that it changes hands.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest.
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    Nothing is permanent and nothing can stay unchanged for ever. Changing is a natural phenomenon. Tangible or intangible and living or non living objects are changed in the long run. All created things are changed either by internal process or are created by external elements. The author has written about property when it is inherited to next generation then size, shape, nature, ownership are changed. How a person collected this property and how he worked hard to errect big walls of his bungalow and how he spent his due to accumulate all comfortable things for self and family members but once he left his home his family divided his whole property into pieces or sold some outsiders.

    Time is very powerful entity. We can't control time but it always controls us . It doesn't take our permission to control us. Whoever we are or whatever we have achieved has not important before time. Our power,  wealth, money, education, knowledge, relationship with highest political authorities nothing can stop time if it has decided to change us. Young become old, beautiful girls become grown up fat women and after a few decades the same beautiful girl is changed into a haggard old woman.

    Our thoughts, ideology, values, importances,  preferences everything which we claim to have or proud feel about and want others to become like-minded but nothing stays everything gets changed. And eventually decaying process take everything into the junk zone where everything is destroyed.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    Nothing is permanent in this world. We think it is ours and that is theirs. But today what is yours may become theirs tomorrow. This is a fact of our life.
    Today morning myself and my family went to the native place of my wife. They were having a house there. But they sold it off and they shared the money. But my wife likes to go to that village and have a darshan of God in the temple in that village. We went to the temple and had Darshan. Then she asked me to take her to their old house in that village and we went there. She was almost weeping and I clearly see tears in her eyes when she visited that house. She spent some time there with the people living in that and we started back.
    While coming she was telling me the same thing. She told me that she thought that property was theirs but now it has become somebody else's property. This is the fact of life.

    always confident

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