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    Our education is not to cut jungles but to irrigate the desert

    If someone says that he is ably qualified and has all experience through education, what is the use when his thoughts go to cut the jungles. Instead, a thought-provoking person would think in such a way as to how to irrigate in the desert. The members who are reading this post must have been pondering over how can one irrigate in the desert. That is where lies the talent of the person to utilize the education for the good and explore those avenues which are closed and not tried and tested at all. Members can infer on this post.
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    K Mohan,

    It would have been nice to credit the quote to the person who wrote it, which is C.S. Lewis, the well-known writer of The Chronicles of Narnia, among other famous works. It does not look good to put in a title and put up a thread with a statement that implies it is your own original one.

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    Desert may be changed into a fertile piece of land but it requires huge amount to do so then what is the point in spending so much extra money on this project. The same money may be used in industrialisation in the area to produce or manufacture the products which are feasible and suitable in that area.
    But the title of this thread tells something else that we should invest our energy to do something good for the society, people and country . We should dedicate our life to uplift the needy people and spend our energy for good cause. It is not expected from an educated person that he will involve in some harmful activities. Deforestation is spreading its wings to accomodate concrete jungle. It not only destroys trees but also habitats of wild animals, consequently it inflict whole of the environment.

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    There is no use in education when you don't understand your priorities properly. We should understand the importance of various things that are available naturally and we are not supposed to spoil them.
    A duck is giving an egg. We should be happy with that and take care of the duck properly so that it will continue feeding us daily. If we think there will be many eggs inside the duck and cut it, we will lose the duck and we will not have the egg from the next day onwards. Our education should tell us this.
    Similarly one should understand the importance of nature and its gifts to us. We are receiving many favours and as such we are supposed to protect nature. One should not cut a tree. It is accepting the waste gas from you and gives you fresh air. You don't understand this fact what is the use of having an education. Deforestation is at its peak and we are experiencing the negative effects of it. We should start respecting the trees.

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