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    A desire change nothing, a decision may change something, and a determination will change everything

    The title is a well known saying and it is so true. As humans, we have so many desires in our life. But by simply having desires we don't achieve or gain anything. These desires just remain as daydreams only in our lives. But if you take some decision to realize your desire, you have achieved some success in the direction of the result. But simply taking some decision may not bring any change in you. For converting the decision into results you need something special and that is the 'determination' to work. Without determination, you can't achieve anything in your life. Your determination converts your desire (flower) into fruit. Members may please give your nice explanations to these three beautiful words that start with the letter 'D' and that are intimately related to our life.
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    Dreams, desires, and aspirations have no meaning if they are not assisted with suitable and commensurate efforts for getting success. In our lives we have to work hard, take decisions, stick to them and then progress ahead. If there are failures corrective actions are to be taken which require more efforts and more hard work and as is said that there is no easy way to success, one has to toil continuously to make a path through the difficulties and challenges encountered in our lives. Decision making is required at every step and it is imperative that decision has to based upon one's experience and prudence as well as the underlying knowledge and skills. A combination of all the efforts only can give a push to the journey ahead smoothly.
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    In a nutshell the author has emphasized that determination alone would gives rise to sure success and that would remain as the bench mark for future performance and also improvements. But I feel that it all begins with the desire, and that ignites the formidable decision to achieve something unique and thus a powerful determination with us would take us to the desired path of end results. Desire can be just, most needful, and not needed even and we have to judge ourselves as to what is important and what can be postponed to next days. So we have to decide our determination of future.
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    I have a desire to eat some special dish this Sunday. Simply by having that desire you can't get what you want to eat. I have to tell my desire to my wife and make her accept that. I have to make a decision that I will talk to my wife and see that she will OK with my proposal. Once I took that decision I have to decide the way I have to follow and determine the path. Then you have to follow your determined path and see that she will accept your proposal. Then only your desire of eating something will fulfil.
    This may be a small issue. But there will be bigger desires in our lives. Having desires is easy. But getting those desires fulfilled requires determination and you may have to take decisions during the course and finally, you will see that your desire has become the reality. Many times we may have to face many hardships to make our desires fulfilled.

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    I agree with the author that all of us desire to get something which we often dream about but merely dreaming is not sufficient to make it true. We need to have planning to achieve something and also execute the same and this execution needs consistency and steadfastness then we can expect to reach our goal.

    This life itself is full of struggle which continues as long as we exist on this planet . Sometimes, all our efforts to in vain because of vagaries of circumstance. Nothing can be predicted what happens at next step despite hundred percent dedicated efforts but sometime  we get on platter.

    Whatever situation is we must be optimist . We should never be dejected or disappointed . Our spirit ad tempo should be upheld despite all negativity and those  remain steadfast, determined and unmoved emerge as hero in the battle against all hurdles.

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