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    Natural resources are not an individual’s property

    Water is a precious natural resource and we all know that water is not only required by human beings but by all living organisms present in nature. It is also necessary that there must be safe and secure access to water for all living beings. In the absence of drinkable water, people are forced to consume unsafe water. Many big-profit-making companies consume large quantities of groundwater in their processes. Many bottling companies are extracting the groundwater while some of them tapped water at its place of natural origin and damaging the environment for their profit, simultaneously exploiting the rights of local people living there. These natural resources belong to them by birth, and they use them sustainably. But they are also protecting and conserving them for generations as they protect their property. And in return, they get some water and other resources from nature. If somebody tried to hold their rights on these resources or degrade them, it hurts them because they feel the pain of nature. Their roots are deeply connected with nature and its resources. So we can understand that this is their property. They are sensible towards their natural resources and their demand is very less than compared to big bottling plants that do nothing for the protection and conservation of these resources.

    There may be the various meaning of property for different persons. In my view, natural resources are also our property and are common property and not an individual's private property. If we protect and conserve our nature like our property, then we will be able to give a clean, green and safe environment to our future generation. So, protect our natural resources humbly and use them sustainably.

    Entry for Topic based TOW contest for February '21- topic-'Property'.
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    The author has hit upon the nagging subject which needs to be given thought and well connected to the tow topic. Natural resources are going to be scarce in future as there there is no care and concern among the people to respect the importance of natural resources and thus over the period of time there would be depletion of ground water table across the country and if the rains are not copious the very existence human habitat and animal kingdom would be in peril. Therefore there is a need for integrating the national rivers and joining them with one another so that the precious water is not going down to the sea or ocean. India needs to concentrate on first integrating small rivers and then the tributaries and so on. If water is not stored for the future the life would become more difficult to live.
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    Natural resources are common to all of us and it is our primary duty not to drain them mindlessly as tomorrow we will only be deprived of those great natural facilities to us. Environmental awareness is a very important thing and it is good to see that today it is being taught in the schools to the students on a priority and that would inculcate in their mind the importance of the environment. It is also required that we have to impart some practical training to the students as how a plant is to be planted and how it is to be cared so that it becomes a giant tree one day. There are many other extracurricular activities which can be done by a group of students in learning about our environment and habitat and at the same time they can inculcate it in the mind of the people at large in the society.
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    That is correct but only a small section of the population throughout the world cares for natural resources. To grow their businesses they mindlessly waste natural resources and we all are facing a shortage of natural resources. The quality of the air is not pure, we need to pay to drink clean water and a time may come when some company will start selling clean air to breathe. Deforestation is going on at random though a lot of awareness campaigns have helped to improve the situation to some extent. We all need to stop treating natural resources as individual property and if we fail to do so a day may come when our existence will be at stake. Everything in this world has its purpose and we need to learn how to utilize things properly without wasting them. Think of the amount of food we waste, think of how we remain unconcerned about others. All these are interrelated and shows our level of consciousness. It's a high time we raise the level of consciousness so that we all can lead a healthy life. This world is a place for all and our thought process should also be in that direction.

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    Natural resources are common property. That is true and that is the problem. Nobody cares for the common property. If it is an individual property we will take as much care as possible and see that our property is protected. But when a common property comes into the picture nobody will take that much interest.
    Many people never bother about natural resources. They are available free of cost. So nobody will understand the importance of those items. The oxygen we are getting from a tree is free. If we have to purchase the same how the money we have to spend? If we think in these lines we will never abuse nature.
    Without these natural resources on this earth, we can't live on this earth. This is the fact and we should remember this always and behave accordingly. Wasting water should be treated as a crime and one should think that water is also costing money to us. Then only we can make the best use of natural resources and protect them without any second thought.

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    The author has raised a good issue for discussion. Indeed everybody has right over a natural resources but reality is otherwise. Why these companies are allowed to exploit maximum amount of natural resources? A few decades ago people would drink fresh water from wells, rivers, lakes and hand pumps. Water was fresh and tasty. But gradually , big plants were founded to supply bottled-water to people. Over exploitation affects natural resources also, we should realise this fact. In some part of the country there is scarcity of fresh and clean water so they are compelled to drink dirty or polluted water.
    We are to understand the importance of fresh and clean water. We should use water carefully. We should not waste clean water. If there is scarcity of water how it will become difficult to survive for us. We need to spread awareness among people they should check if their family members use water carefully ? Do they waste clean water?
    In schools and colleges special awareness programs should be conducted to teach children how to use water. They should switch off the tap immediately after using water. I often see small children do this mistake in schools. It is the duty of teachers to keep an eye on them or someone, like peon should be placed there to check students if they are wasting water.

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    I fully agree with the author, natural resources are an invaluable asset of our nature and it is not only our duty to conserve them but also our need is that we protect these resources. Today, the way people wastewater, they feel that water is a never-ending resource, but it is not so. Today, even though there is 70 percent water on our planet, but there is less to drink from it, although man is so capable that one can purify the water and make it drinkable to some extend, even if mankind did not understand the importance of water then one day we will have to pay a heavy price for it. At present, there are many parts of the state where there is a drought situation and residents have to travel long distances to another place to get the water. There are many examples from which we come to know that life is possible only with water, whether that life is for humans or other animals, birds or plants, water is mandatory for everyone.

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    With so much population density of India, if don't realise the importance of our natural resources it cannot reach to the common man for their life sustainenance. We can see the alarming shortage of the natural water due to erratic rain and downpour of the rain is not uniform in most of the areas. They are not in a position to enjoy the drinkable water due to its contamination with muds and other injurious toxins such as Arsenic or Lead found in some areas. The locals though aware of its dangerous effects they seem to be helpless in this regard. Even the air essential for our survival is severely polluted due to emissions of gases from the industries apart from exponential growth of the traffic ejecting dangerous emissions.
    If we go on behaving such an irresponsible way, our survival will be difficult in the years to come and for that we would be ourselves responsible for depletion of our resources.

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    Hi, You have made us aware of a very significant issue. Natural resources belong to every organism on this earth. In which no one has the right, but it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that each livelihood is not deprived of its rights.

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    It is the responsibility of all the citizens to preserve the natural resources and do not waste them. They are our common property only. Lakes, trees, hills, rivers etc all are the source of so many valuable things to us and if we do not preserve them we will be the losers in the long run. I have seen in Bangalore that the local administration is trying to revive many old lakes which were dried up during the fast urbanisation there. But today there are so many revived and some are under revival. In one lake we saw so many birds coming and enjoying the environment there. That is really a lovely site to watch and see the nature at its best.
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