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    MBBS course costing between 44 lakhs to one crore

    Given the present fee structure across the country the MBBS course has become the most costly studies as the seat allotted candidates through the management quota and NRI quota are bracing up to shell out 44 lakh to one crore as the total fees structure for the entire completion. MBBS has become most sought after studies among the science toppers but the parents are not ready to make arrangements for such high fees. Nevertheless some are selling their properties or going for education loan to get the things going. Why there is no control over fees increase ?
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    In the Govt colleges the MBBS course fee is less and is less than 10 lakhs but in private it is very high as mentioned by the author. There is definitely a rush for doing MBBS because after that one can get attached to some hospital or clinic and with time become a senior and experienced doctors for which there is a robust demand in our country. The job is very lucrative and many parents have a dream of making their children as doctor. The anomaly in fee between the Govt and private is much higher and it has to be brought down in the private colleges and Govt has to devise some way to control these fees. Today there are rich people who are easily able to afford these high fees and getting their mediocre children become a doctor.
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    Umesh made the right observation that mediocre children become doctors by virtue of their parent affordability.
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    The medical colleges in the government sector are less. The fee structure in these colleges is not very high and they may be around 7 to 8 lakhs for the entire course. But the seats in government colleges are less and only a few people who got very good ranks in the entrance examination will only get those seats.
    There are private colleges. In these, some seats are available at comparatively low fees compared to management seats. But the fee for the management quota is very high. Only very rich people can afford these seats. That is why many parents who can't afford that much fees discourage their wards to go for BiPc group in intermediate.
    The government should increase the medical colleges and the fee structure in private colleges should also be brought under control. Otherwise intelligent people can't go for this course due to the financial condition of their parents. I know many people who missed the seats in government colleges by just one or two ranks and couldn't join private colleges due to their financial condition.

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    Those who qualify in JEE medical under govt college seat i. e rank holders up to the available seat, the total fees for 4.5years is Rs. 51250/-only. The brilliant students are doing this course like free. But when your rank is beyond that limit there is the money game. The students who have the capacity to effort the huge cost are becoming doctors. Quality is not the factors, after competing the course many of them are investing further for nursing home. Accordingly they are doing their business. It is the duty of the govt to increase the seat capacity in their hospital so that sufficient knowledgeable doctors can comes to the society in every year. But business is everywhere, who can avoid this.
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    Privatisation of education sector has changed educational scenario. Only rich people can educate their children in good schools ad colleges. How a common person can imagine to get his son or daughter admitted in MBBS. Sometimes it appears quite weird . Why there is no control over huge fee? One crore ruppes!
    Just imagine when a student become a doctor after spending one crore rupees what he will do? Will he become a doctor or senseless robot to recover his spent money.? And a robot has no emotions . He will not treat patients on humanitarian grounds rather he will try to loot maximum amount from them to earn more and more money. Perhaps this is why some doctors are selling human organs.

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