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    Working in a group requires cohesiveness

    When we work alone we work as per our whims and fancies and then we only are responsible for the outcome of our efforts and attempts. In such case we work as per out timings and comforts and do not bother for any interferences from outside persons or agencies. So far so good but the situation changes drastically when we start working in a group. It is imperative that in a group we have to work as per the overall interest of the group and also towards the common objective. It also becomes necessary to hear to the group leader who will be correcting us whenever he feels that we are going away from the required actions towards our goals. Sometimes, there might be conflicting situations but one has to focus in the direction that is intended for the group to attempt for and reach the group objective. Working in a group is a totally different experience than working alone. One cannot say that one has done one's part and let others do whatever they want. That type of thinking is against the group dynamics of collective working. In a group everyone has to contribute in the focussed direction only and continuous interactions will be there to achieve the group interest. The healthy interactions are not to be confused with the conflicts. Please give your views on this.
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    It is true that when we work in group down the line, we are responsible for our out come and also our next employees who are more depended on our actions. Normally in a manufacturing company the departments are interconnected and each employee has to give the the time bound out put there by fulfilling the requirement of the days task. But on the contrary those who are working alone there is no pressure and the tasks are completed within the time frame but leisurely. But what I feel that when we work alone we get bored with the routines of daily tasks and some times we feel like fatigue attending same work again and again. And those work alone are responsible for miss and win situation as none to control the activities and none to give the suggestions for the improvement of out put.
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    The author is right. individual responsibilites and collective responsibilities both have different dimensions and working areas. When we are working alone It is our responsibility to complete it. Nobody will interfere us. If somebody advises us even then we are not bound to accept his suggestions. Eventually we are responsible for having individual responsibility but when we are working in a team and as a part of a team then we are bound to abide by directions or instructions or suggestions of our leader.we have to do collective efforts. There each member has been give individual responsibility and we have to work within our space by supporting, coordinating each other to take our project or assignment and get it completed as per required standard.
    It is very much important for us that we should work diligently and seriously . It makes our place in the team as a highly respectable member. It is also to be taken care of that when we are working in a team our behaviour should be excellent towards other team members. Rude partners are disliked in a team. We should also not pressurise other members to accept our views or suggestions. We should stick to our role instead of interfering into other member's working area.

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    The author has rightly said that while working in a group we must first think about the overall interest of that group and make its objective fulfillment our goal. It is a very natural process that when we are in a group, some ideas may sometimes be different because each person's thinking is different, but in such a situation, the decision of whose views are right or wrong is not based on the individual but the situation and the based on the demand of the time. Mostly this work is done by the leader of the group. When a person is made the leader of the group, then some quality has to be kept on high priority in it so that the person can show his group the right direction. While working in private, we have to change it according to our needs to make it easier at times, but how right it is, is only known when we got the result.
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    When we are in a group we should work as a team member of the team. A team will have different members and each will have to play his role as assigned. When everybody works like a group only the outcome will be as planned or as desired. A team member should understand group dynamics well and go with the same dynamics. Otherwise, the team will not be successful.
    Too many cooks spoil this dish. But if all the cooks work with an understanding of their roles and play well within the given area without overlapping with others area, the result will be excellent. The team leader should be able to understand the expertise and nature of each member and accordingly, he should use them. Then the outcome will be excellent.
    A team member should understand other members well and he should be able to be friendly with all of them. Then only one can be identified as a specialist in the team.

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