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    Know how little you know

    Do you restrict yourself to learning within the finite boundaries of specific books or academic lessons? Learn through this discussion how limitless knowledge really is!

    Knowledge is not limited. We go to schools, colleges, and universities to gain knowledge. Whatever amount of knowledge we gain, there remains a lot yet to learn. We read books to improve our knowledge. We try to read and clear our doubts. In the process of clearing our doubts, the solution for the doubt throws many questions which need to be answered. For example, take Newton's Laws of Motion. When we start learning about the first law, we have to know what is a body, what is the state of rest, what is uniform motion, what is an external force. To understand the first law, we need to learn all these things. Once we learn the first law, the question arises what is the second law, and so on. The more we read and learn, the more will be the questions that come to our mind. The more we try to learn, we come to understand what little we know. Knowledge is an unfathomable ocean. Never think that we know everything. There cannot be anything more foolish than that. Go on acquiring knowledge. It is limitless.
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    I agree that knowledge is a vast ocean. As much we collect as much is good for us. We have little knowledge but we should keep on moving and trying to explore more and more knowledge. We can never be perfect . Weareakwys in the state of learning some new things. This process is a long process which never comes to an end for some people but those who think that they have become knowledgeable now their journey of getting knowledge is stopped. They can no more progress in accumulating more treasure of knowledge.
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    True. What we know is a drop in the ocean. There is no end to the learning process. We start learning from the first breath and can learn till the last breath. If we think we know everything we are foolish only. We have to improve our knowledge every day. There are many ways for this. Reading books. hearing people when they talk, discussing with people and participating in the discussion are some of the ways to learn. These will help one to improve his knowledge base. We can understand our drawbacks and limitations only when we participate in these activities.
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    Knowledge is a vast assemblage of information, skills, and learnings. We acquire knowledge through studies, practicals, by seeing others doing something, through experience etc. There is no limit to it because every time some incremental knowledge will be there to add to the already existing one. Knowledge is such a gigantic thing that no one can fathom its depth and everyone feel that he has gathered a lot of it but in a new situation finds oneself helpless and starts pondering if it was the lack of knowledge which was responsible for such a helplessness. Complete and full knowledge is a mirage, we can see it from a fa away place but cannot achieve it from there. When we reach near it we find that it is still at another far off place.
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    In a office while the boss or the manager would be interested in us to to know all jobs concerned in the company so that in the event of anyone becoming absent the work should not get hampered. But every new employee wants to move wait and watch approach as they do not want to learn everything in the office and they know that in future that would be problem for them to attend all the works and also that of absentees. Managements always prefer the all rounder employee who wish to work in all departments and for who there may not be specific time of entry and exit in the office.
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    It is true that there is no limit to the learnings. We go on reading and learning in our lives and it is said that a person can learn things at any age. We have seen some elders who have learned as how to use a smartphone and surprisingly some of them are using it just like the younger people. Learning can be of various types. Some learn for a career while others learn for quest for knowledge and in that case it is a perpetual journey.
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    The author has said it very correctly. There is no limit to knowledge. The more we learn, this world that is full of knowledge will give us the same and new way to learn. A person starts to become ignorant from the day he starts thinking that now he knows everything and does not need any other knowledge. From the moment we stop learning, our treasure of knowledge will start to decrease gradually.
    If you want to keep filling your treasure of knowledge always, then for this we should also learn new and at the same time give new learning and knowledge to others. The more knowledge we share with others, the more we increase the attraction of knowledge on our side.

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    Instead, many wish to express openly how much they know! Learning is a continuous process and it goes on as long as we wish to learn. The more we explore things the more are the questions in our mind that direct us to look for answers. The example cited by the author about inquisitiveness to learn many other things to understand Newton's Laws of Motion shows one important aspect and that is our eagerness to learn. If one is not eager to know more the questions will not arise in the mind. The person will just go on memorising the laws and write them down during the exams and it ends there only. I think this happens to many students. Many are just concentrating to score more rather than looking for an explanation in details. A knowledge seeker knows how little he knows and that's why he seeks knowledge. The moment one starts thinking that she/he has learned enough the chance to learn more come down.

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