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    Usage of betel leaves which we have forgotten

    We are setting aside many old traditional methods and thereby inviting many health disorders.
    One among them is using betel leaves and betel nuts. By criticising that people started using pan parag and spoiling themselves. Whereas there was poor rate of cancer death till the usage of betels. Further many of us do not know betels increased the fertility and once they stop using betels couples started approaching fertility Centres.

    Hydroxy chavicol ( Phenol compound ) in betels helps to improve motality. Further it strengthes the prostate in gents and prevents Prostate cancer.
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    I have been having betel (paan) for more than twenty years. You can say I am addicted to Paan. However gutkha is a bit different thing and it can't take place of betel. I was not aware that consumption of betel is helpful for health too. Thanks you very much. But being addicted of anything even of paan is also not good. It gives burden of extra expense but when it becomes essential part of daily life we are to take it because we are abide by it . Reason is well known.
    But I advise to people if they consume paan they should avoid having paan from paan shop beause tobacco they use contains harmful chemicals. I maintain a paan-daan, (pot of paan), our ancestral tradition and prefer to take local made tobacco which is used in its natural form and it's not blended with chemicals.

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    The author shared a healthy tip or information through his thread, which is commendable. It is true that there are many foods that are used in our daily life, we get benefits for a long time and through these foods, we can protect ourselves from many diseases. Today's diet has deteriorated significantly, today people are giving more importance to their manufactured products by not consuming the real product directly, in which the basic quality is lost. For example, even today, the basil plant is available in everyone's home due to religious importance, yet people do not consume the basil leaf directly but bring the basil juice found in the market and mix it in water and drink it. The author has described the properties and benefits of betel leaves that is completely true and it is a good initiative to make people aware of these types of home remedies.

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    I do not think people are forgetting the usage of beetle leaves. Still many people are using it especially in the rural areas. There are people who are addicted to it and can't live without consuming it.
    We also have a tradition were we offer beetle leaves for our guests at home after lunch. Beetle leaves are also offered after lunch in any functions we have. Main reason people have beetle leaves is because it aids in digestion.

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    We use beetle leaves regularly in our house. My wife is growing a small plant in our kitchen garden and once in a while they cut the leaves and keep them in the house. If there is any complaint of cough and cold, she will take the juice from the leaves by boiling those leaves in water and give that extract to the person so that cough and cold come down. She does the same regularly and gives good result.
    I have the habit of having beetel leaves and nut powder with a little lime powder after meals daily. I used to carry this to the office also with my tiffin box. I like sweet pan and very regularly I try to have this sweet pan. In Andhra Pradesh, there is a place called Tuni. The beetle leaves available here are very fresh and tasty. A pan made with these leaves will taste very good. Whenever I go to that place I will try to have this pan without fail.

    always confident

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    Betel leaves or the thambulam what we call in Telugu and Tamil is the traditional offering even today to the house holds who visit for any functions or occassions and having the betel leaves after the meals has been happening even today. But the modern day couples does not give credence to such importance and they do even try to listen to the elders. One thing is sure if the young generation follow what the old elders say at home would be enough for them to lead the meaningful life and there cannot be any issues thereof. Thanks to the author for bringing this information to this forum.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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