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    Change yourself but don't lose your identity

    Every human being should change according to time and circumstances and should not hesitate to adopt new changes or new learnings. When we keep ourselves with changing times, we attract success and make life easy and happy. But you have to know that how much you have to change yourself. There are some people who mould themselves according to each person and make themselves more flexible than necessary. It is believed that a person should be flexible in his nature, that is fine, but it is also important to be rigid about some qualities of yours, that makes your identity as you as a person, if every time you change yourself according to everyone, you will not be able to make a definite identity.
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    Yes, one should not forget his originality because no one can play better than him. There's may be changes in every aspect of life but he himself remain in the same identity. External changes required to cope up with the society to maintain his present status, that's true and may be vital in some cases but overall changes is not desirable. A person may goes in worse condition in his life, sometimes he has to select his way of living in any odd way, which he had not even think earlier. But under the condition he should be in his original principles expecting a better future. Similarly when he goes to the highest level of achievement in life, he should be in his originality. This is the real humans principle. Thanks for a nice topic.
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    I endorse opinion of the author that we should not forget our originality. But it does not always happen as people forget about past realities. They forget where they were raised what was their real status prior to becoming successful in their life. They even forget their friends, relatives and siblings. Sometimes,we hear about some shocking realities too. On other side some people never forget their roots. They remain in touch with their basics despite touching sky.
    One of relatives who worked as an officer in France airlines (Air France ) but whenever he returned his family he would walk barefoot and would enter anybody's home and if someone would be eating food he would snatch food from him and began to eat in the same plate. He travelled large part of the world in his life but he would say I find peace in my colony sharing time with rustic people where I was raised.

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    We should not lose our identity. That is true. Moulding according to the situation may be his identity. What is wrong if we think in those lines? Every person will have his own understanding of his life and the way he wanted to live the same. Some people may be very happy by serving others. They may feel happy in helping others by going out of the way. They may not feel bad even though they suffer a bit in this process.
    But we should not leave the path of morals and ethics. We should be rigid in such cases. Somebody is advising you to do things which are not ethical you should not go for that. Then people will understand that you are a man with helping nature. At the same time you will not go out of the way and out of rules to help others.

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    Nice advise from the author and it is the fact that we have to swim with the tide and that denotes change with the times but not at the compromising our identity. Some people would have their fixed attires styles which they would not change come what may. For example one of my friend is the regular and always used the white pant and white shirt and I have never seen him wearing color dress. That proved that he has been maintaining his identity though he has been moving with others and participate in all functions and occasions. His dress has brought him wholesome recogtion among others.
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