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    Children in gated communities bond together far better..

    I have experienced life in two gated communities in Chennai and in Coimbatore. While the first experience was in a big metro, the second one was in a mini=metro. The first gated community, where there are flats of only one size and only up to four floors ( ground floor and only three above) at Velacheri, a posh locality of Chennai, is more than two decades old but remains rock solid because of the quality of construction. The complex has around 98% owners and only a few tenants. The children belong to upper-middle-class families of professionals like dentists, doctors, chartered accountants, senior-level executives, and college teachers. Dual incomes are very common. Almost ditto is the situation in Coimbatore. The children share common interests. They are very much IT savvy and enjoy fairly more than average comforts. They may study in different CBSE schools, but they have common study sessions. The parents also encourage a lot of bonding and there is no difference between children on the basis of caste or community or religion or region.

    This is perhaps the same in other gated communities across India. Members who have experiences of bonding between children may share their experiences.
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    I don't belong to gated community nor I am interested to have free access to them. Some of my relatives belong to gated community though but I hardly visit them because their level of thinking about worldly affairs seem to be something coming from kind of aliens. My legs are firmly stamped on the ground. However, I liked some of them for their honesty and candidness. They were more or less ten young boys and they were with me on three days on kind of expedition. We had to stay at a place where they found very hard to adjust themselves. There were so many mosquitoes. They were squirming without a.c. they had never spent even a single day at such place. I discussed on several issues with them. I found them very innocent .They did not Know crookedness,dishonesty and decption. I was amazed to see them how innocent are. Even one of them told that he did not know what odomos is because I got it bought for them. They belong to highly rich families. I visited their villas also. Each of them has at least 15 to 20 cars of different models. Their parents have offices in US,Britain,italy, canada, Australia etc. I found them how to give respect to people. They impressed me a lot. One of them remained me in touch with me . He would often call me. He told me that his maternal uncle embezzled Rs 10 crore but the way he told about it as if it's just a peanut for his family. And he was not ostentatious while narrating this incident.

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    I never stayed in any gated community. But I stayed in an apartment. I know many friends who are staying in a gated community. When I talk to them what they convey is entirely different from what the author mentioned in the thread. They say many of the families in the gated community never allow their children to get mixed with the neighbours and play. They will have some friends in the same gated community and the children of those people only are allowed to become friends. This may be due to many reasons. In the gated community also there may be different people who are financially in different position. All the people staying there may not be of same financial status.
    At the same time in some colonies in Hyderbad children of neighbours play together and become friends irrespective of their job and financial status. The elders will become friends through their children and they become close also due to the friendship between the children.

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    People who wanted to live away from the maddening rush and away from socializing would prefer the gated communities because they want to restrict unwanted visitors to minimum by virtue of tight security and not so free access to their homes unless and until advised to enter the main gate. Since such odd thinking people form as the peer group within their gated community , their children are not exposed to outside elements of characters and therefore the children would behave in a most decent and polished way of life much to the astonishment of own family members and relatives.
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