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    Is mustard oil good for health?

    There is a big controversy about the use of mustard oil. I have seen it widely used in Kolkatta. I do not know any other State where it is used. I also understand that it is fairly widely used in parts of Orissa. What is the scientific data?

    Many out here do not use it at all. Some who are used to the taste want to use it. I recently met a couple of friends. One of them had been to Kolkatta on official work a large number of times and hence liked the taste whereas the other one is addicted to refined oil or groundnut oil.

    Members who know the inside truth of this may please share their views.
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    Yes, this fact is true, mustard oil is very beneficial for health. Even in my family, the vegetable is made in mustard oil, especially in winters. Mustard oil is hot and gives more benefits during cold days. It is believed that those who have heart-related illnesses or diabetes should eat simple food, and if the less spicy food is fried in mustard oil, then its benefits increases. In general, people dislike it because of its smell, but if it is cooked properly it does not stink. After pouring the oil into the pan, it should be heated for a certain time and put vegetables in the pan only after heating properly, it improves the taste. Mustard oil has the benefit of not only eating but also for other uses, for any type of pain in the body, doctors also recommend using slightly hot mustard oil and massage with it on the affected body part. So it is very useful in any manner, but most important thing is that when you are using it you should be aware of its quality or originality, as there are many duplicate products also available in the market.
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    Mustard oil is not regularly used in AP and Telangana also. We use til oil ( Sesame oil) for cooking and for mixing rice while eating. But as per the Ayurveda mustard oil is also very beneficial for us in keeping good health. This oil is supposed to have strong antimicrobial properties. They will not allow the growth of certain bacteria which is harmful to our body. This oil is supposed to improve hair and skin health. This oil will help in reducing pain in the body. Many people use this and apply the same on the skin where there is pain and it will reduce the pain. Inflammation and Pain will get reduced by applying this oil.
    This oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. These acids may reduce the risk of a heart attack. Many people say that this is good medicine for certain types of cancers. This oil will reduce cold and increase heat in the body and that will help in improving our digestion capacity. We use mustard in making pickles and it is a very good preservative. So those pickles can be stored for a year at ambient temperature without any problem.

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    Since my childhood I have having using mustard oil and every family uses mustard oil in our area. As far as benefits of its use are concerned some studies have found that mustard essential oil possesses powerful antimicrobial properties and may help block the growth of certain types of harmful bacteria whereas white mustard essential oil decreases the growth of several strains of bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Bacillus cereus.

    Mustard oil may inhibit the growth of certain types of fungi and mold. It is also good for skin , cracked heels and body pain.

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    In Indian Kitchens particularly in north India this mustard oil brand is popular that no vegetable and non vegetarian dishes would offer this delicious taste. They cannot think of any preparations without this. Some of the public changed this habit twenty years ago due to the recommendations of the doctors of ground nut oil and rice brand oils ignoring the inherent benifits of the mustard oil. Later the doctors had to review their stands and realised the benifits of this brand.
    This oil can be used both externally and internally providing host of health benifits. In case, you are suffering from body aches, apply the same externally to relieve of the pain with the gentle massage. It has excellent antibacterial property and because of this reason many people pour this oil in their nostrils to ward off cough and colds. Gentle massaging of this oil on our head would provide the strength of the hairs apart from retaining its black colour.
    This oil enhances the taste of prepared dishes and for many of us would not like to change this brand to be used for the preparation of different dishes.

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    What I understand that mustard oil is mainly used by the North Indians in general and Punjabis in particular as the mustard crop is grown more in their back yards. I came to know from them that they keep good health by using the same as cooking oil and it goes well in preparing Roti curries. But for me I never tasted the same so far and thus cannot give first hand experience of the same. If you go down the south the people use Gingely oil or til oil on food preparations and this proves that usage cooking oils defers from place to place and region to region according the crops grown in wholesome.
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