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    Why do people behave so badly after the death of the father in most families?

    A man who had lived all his life-saving money for his children would have managed to build an independent house in a slightly faraway suburb of the city and would have, 30 years from that time, been sitting on a property now worth a couple of crores. However, the fight for the property would immediately start between the brothers. Even if there is a will, the daughter(s) are denied their rightful share and the brothers even go to court.

    The aforesaid similar and very familiar story is repeated with monotonous regularity in most of urban India. Cousins become enemies. There is no emotional bonding and only money becomes the common bone of contention.

    One can always argue that this was the case even decades ago. Perhaps. But today, the nature of the conflict and the dimensions of the conflict even result in murders. What can be done to stop these conflicts in the first place?
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    It is the real picture of the society of urban area but it has taken a large scope in rural area also. Mostly, people seem to be greedy and dishonest. After death of their father every family member want to snatch all property of their father. Brothers and sisters become enemies to each other . In some cases they call their in-laws and other family members. It worsen their internal conflict. They have no fear of police or court , the author is right that they even fight against each other which sometimes result in murder also.
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    The man of the house struggles hard to bring up his children, educate them, getting them settled in life so that they can support themselves and their family. After getting them married off, new people enter into the family. The children have their own families and bound to themselves. At some point or other, some differences may develop between the siblings. As long as the man of the house is alive, the differences do not surface. After the death of the family head, these differences come to the fore. At times even when the family head is alive, these differences may show up. If there is a registered will or a handwritten will is there, the property disputes in most cases may not crop up and they will be honored. In some cases, the disputes go to court. Everyone wants money for a comfortable life and no one will lose the opportunity to get his or her share in the property. In rare cases, these disputes may go to the level of murders. This is common in not only urban areas but in villages also. These problems are there in society for ages. It is all about money which everyone needs. The blood relations also will be forgotten in property issues.
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    I don't think such problems would arise if a proper will has been made and registered during the lifetime of the person. Property disputes between siblings may arise only when a person dies intestate. I don't overrule the possibility of someone from out of the family coming up with some frivolous claims but then it is not a cause for worry because it would be his headache to prove the claim. The point to be noted is that one should register his/ her will, with all clear details well in time so that such disputes that may arise after death are avoided.

    Another very important point I would like to mention in this connection is that one should never give away all the property to their children before his/ her death. They must keep what is required by them and should give the children the rights to such property only after the death of both spouses. That, I feel, is very important in the present-day context.

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    In some families the members are more and father being the sole earning person by virtue of ancestral properties or through his business does accumulate the wealth but never had the plan to write a will before his death as to who much get how much share. Now the girl member of the family is also eligible for her share and here comes the real tiff between the brothers and sisters. If the sisters got married and gone out of the house, then they are not eligible for the share but father makes the mention in will. Therefore it is imperative to write will before the death and divide the properties so that nothing wrong takes place after the death. If the son is one and many sisters are there, then the son would not part with the properties or the assets he got through the legal heir process and the tiff becomes more uglier.
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    I have seen some such cases. One of my distinct relatives made a will initially writing his property to his son. The son is very happy. But his daughters are not happy. Slowly they started working on their mother and some got the will changed. Out of the 5 acres, he is having 1 acre has been divided between the two daughters and the remaining four acres to his son. The son is very unhappy. He started illtreating his parents and they both died in the due course. The brother and the sisters are not on good terms and they not even see face to face. Money makes all the difference. If it is ancestral property there may not be any problem. If it is self-earned by the person all these problems start.
    A will should be made and the content of the will should not be known to the legal hires of the person. The document should be with a lawyer or some trusted person who should disclose the content after the demise of the person only. When we follow this there will not be any problem.

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