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    India is great OR India was great?

    India is considered to be a great country in the world. There are various reasons for India's greatness. India is great because of its culture and traditions. Because of great people and India is a concoction of many religions, castes, and people of different culture and languages. Because of its largest democracy. There are many other factors that keeps India ahead of all other countries in the world. India is of course a unique country. India is great for it's unity in diversity,it's brother hoodness and the family relations.

    One of the great Telugu poets said, "Deshamante Matti kaadoy Deshamante manushuloy". Which means country is not the land we are standing on. We the people for the country. So everyone in this society is a part of the country.

    My question is, "is it not our responsibility to retain the greatness of our country? Is it not our responsibility to show India in us?

    Now a days people are not even looking after their parents. We don't have time to help others. We don't respect teachers or parents. We are not having social responsibility. India women is treated as goddess but women are facing many problems in the society. When we are not possessing those qualities of greatness then how can we say India is great?

    If the people in this generation say India is great, I feel like an irresponsible person getting respect showing the greatness of their ancestors.

    Please share your opinions regarding this.
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    When Berlin Olympic games were held in Germany Adolf Hitler was in power. Major Dhyanchand , the hockey legend, the stick magician impressed the dictator. After the game he invited Dhyanchand to meet him. The dictator offered him to settle in Germany and assured him to give him best luxurious life. Only he would play for Germany. But this great legend denied his offer and said these golden words, "Sir, I see what is my duty and responsibility for my country and I don't see what is duty and responsibility of my country for me. I am happy to my limited means." He paid his gratitude for his offer but he preferred to play for India.

    India was great and India is great. But what we are offering our country to make a greater country is a big question. Perhaps we are degrading our country instead of making it great. Unity in diversity is facing threat. Western culture has superseded Indian culture. Young generation is running after West. Graph of crime is going up. Women are raped quite easily. Poverty is on top. We are careless about our responsibilities and waste much of our time in useless talks and games.
    Hatred-mongering is trending as a favourite .pastime. Corruption is normal thing for us. We teach others but don't practice upon what we teach to others.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    India was great. India is great. India will be great. This should be the case always. The Telugu poem mentioned by the author is really thought-provoking. A country's value will depend on the people of the country. If we protect the interest of the country and if we give top priority to the importance of the Nation more than our individual importance.
    The great statesman and Ex-Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee mentioned many times that for all Indians nation should be the first priority. He said when a question comes which is important for him, he said that he will vote for the country and after that only his party comes and then individual priority will come. Such leaders only can make us proud and see that the Indian flag will fly high always. Wherever we go, it may be another nation or another continent we should first prise our native country.

    always confident

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    India was a great country. There is no point in trying to bask in the past glory. Our Vedas gave us immense knowledge. . Why we failed to capitalize on the knowledge bestowed on us by our ancestors? Did we fail the country? The answer is, yes, we failed the country by not capitalizing on the knowledge passed on to us. We always say our culture and traditions are the greatest in the world. There are some other ancient cultures like Egypt, China, etc. in the world which also were great. India was a great destination for spirituality but not anymore.
    "Deshamante Matti kaadoy Deshamante manushuloy". A meaningful poem by Sri. Gurajada Appa Rao, a Telugu poet. Are we following anything said in that poem? None. We have become selfish. The poet implores that all religions and regions should be like brothers. We have to forego some self profit and help the neighbors. We are not doing any of those things. How can we say that India is great now? When we all strive hard only we can make this country great.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Our country India is always great but somehow many are behaving in a way for which the countrymen as a whole are projected to others in a negative way. There is corruption in every field and when other countrymen hear the name India, the corruption in our country may come to their mind at first despite having many other values. The country must come first and nobody should disrespect their motherland in any way. At this moment the country is burdened with a large population where many do not have jobs. The development has not reached every corner of this country and people are engaged in many illegal activities for their survival. We are so used to corruption that we hardly protest. This has increased corruption manifold and it reached such a level that is hampering our goodwill. We, the people of this country is responsible for this. A country is considered great because of the values and ethics followed by its people. If those values and ethics lose greatness we cannot call the country a great nation. We need to protect those great values and ethics so that India remains great.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    India is ever great and India is great forever. India is the land where God has taken birth. Many so called foreign Gods have come to India and did pennace in Himalayas. The civilization of India is very old. All Indians are God fearing and have great respect to God. Indian culture is entirely different from foreign culture.
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    India was great in the past, India is great at present and India would be great in future too. India was great in past by virtue of our great Epics and avatars and our great leaders who led the freedom moments without their selfish interest. India is great at present as we have braved the corona virus and we are very much succesful in containing the virus deaths and now the vaccination drive is the best. And India would be great in future because the strong youth force of India are the key behind every success and they are rearing to go in any field and Indians are excelling in other countries much to the surprise of locals there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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