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    Advice of a leader to people

    Giriraj Singh, the firebrand BJP leader, who has a reputation of shooting from the hip, made the remark while addressing a function organised by an agriculture institute in Khodawandpur advised the people of his Begusarai Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar to "beat up with bamboo sticks" those officials who appeared insensitive to their concerns.

    "I say to them, why do you come to me for such small things. MPs, MLAs, village mukhiyas, DMs, SDMs, BDOs... these are all under obligation to serve the people. If they do not listen to you, pick up a bamboo stick with both hands and give a crushing blow on their head,".

    "If even that does not work, then Giriraj shall throw his weight behind you," he said, evoking applause from the crowds even as dignitaries sharing the dais squirmed in their seats.
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    The Minister perhaps forgot that he is also under an obligation to serve the people. Whatever it may be, it is not good for a responsible person to talk like that. He does not know the problem, he does not know why the officer did not respond favourably to the demand of the people. This sort of loose talk will spoil the discipline in society. They do not understand what an unhealthy atmosphere they are creating.
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    I heard earlier also one or two leaders advising the people to agitate and punish the employees and officers if they are not working as required. But the fact is that these leaders only will never allow these employees to work effectively. They want to help their known people and they use these employees for that purpose and if any problem comes the employees will be on fire but not the leaders. This is not fair to advise the public to attack the government officers with sticks. Some people will get emotional by hearing such talks and go wild and suffer a lot. If really public attack the officers with sticks police will come and arrest these people and put them in prison and they have to suffer. So this is not correct on the part of the leader to give such emotional suggestions to the public which will create unrest among the people and they have to suffer a lot.
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    It is unfortunate on the part of our democratic system that we are choosing our leaders serving MLA's and MP's having no sense of its effects later on. Public becomes emotional with such outbursts of the leaders. They don't want to analyse the outcomes of such initiatives which they would witness at the later stages. I don't say that our public are not wise in decision making but any provocative statements of such natures would be enough to spark of violence. We are aware of the mob behaviours, it can sometimes be dangerous calling for police intervention to control the situation. Under that situation, some public might be behind the locker of the jail for no fault of theirs.

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    After reading the post my thoughts went to the statement given by CM of our state KCR who called upon the people to inform him who ever does corruption and asks for the bribe and he would take action. But I fear normal public does not have the courage and strength to against the office or the officer who sought bribe for the getting the work done. Every revenue department in the country has been practicing the bribe through their own methods and such reforms cannot bring any changes. And what the leader tried to say that people have the power to ask for their work done and they can make the officials responsible for not redressing their grievance.
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