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    Women thinks more wisely than men

    Though the men are the actual decision takers in many homes the consultations with the wife becomes imperative and her say would be final and ultimate. This proves that the ability of thinking in more ways in many matters has not only proven productive for the husband and also saved him from the loss and probable harassment later. Even in joint families the husband would leave the final making in the hands of wife and thus make himself free from any issues or mater. On this International Women's day may her will power keeps moving with positive spirit.
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    I don't think this comparison between man and woman is not a healthy discussion. Both are intelligent and have ability to take decisions in their respective fields. Woman is always smarter to maintain house and make it a beautiful place to live in. We can't underestimate their qualities. Man is more expert to deal with people. Woman has some limitations. But they should not be restricted to proceed if they want to progress or choose a career for themselves. However, their choice of career should be equal to their status as a respectable woman.
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    Any decision taken after discussing with the stakeholders will go well with all. There are wise men and wise women also. I don't whether it will go correctly if we say women are wiser than men. Many men keep their cool in all circumstances and take very apt decisions. Similarly, some women also can think very nicely. Again the subject in consideration is also very important. In some fields, a person will be good and in some other subjects, another person may be good. We are all seeing many specialists in each field.
    When an issue arises we should think and discuss it among ourselves and the best possible decision should be considered. If there is any necessity we can take the suggestion of an expert in that field. Leaving everything to the wife in individual and nuclear families may go well. But in joint families that will create many problems if we leave the decision making to the lady.

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